Editor, The Times:

Our country is in trouble. The socialists are working more openly to influence and control us. Most of the media is hiding information we should be aware of and leaders in our government are also. There’s an enormous shell game being played on Americans. It’s meant to distract us from paying attention to what’s really going on, dividing us, and keeping discontent stirred up. Don’t pay attention to all the price increases, look at the latest sport star’s news, don’t take seriously the government’s latest intent to ban or outlaw X Y or Z. They are and they will!

If the do gooders are so eager to save our planet why is America being forced to cut back on usage of coal, oil and gas while other nations are moving forward, expanding, and building more plants and increasing their pollution? No, we have to have to be spoon fed the latest awards ceremony, fashion news or some “woke” person’s latest criticism and shaming of our vocabulary. We can ignore and accept violence across our streets, but don’t hurt a “woke” persons feelings! In all matters, trust no one and if it isn’t yours and you want it, well...

Most of you have smart phones, use it, look up how Venezuela, a once thriving, wealthy country changed to having electric, water, food, medicines and all necessary items in short supply and controlled. If their recent history looks familiar and doesn’t alarm you, it should. Our country is in danger. We have to wake up. The truth is being distorted. Sex changing should not be a school subject. Children belong to parents and not the school. Right and wrong have not been reversed. The socialist movement is growing and America is and has been in its path. Will we sit still and regret what happened?

Waveleen Wehling