Editor, The Times:

Friday morning may have been a wet and dreary day, but the patriotism that luminated from the Historic Blackshear Train Depot was simply amazing. I personally have some “Thank You” messages I need to extend.

Thank you to Pastor Morris Pate for a wonderful, inspirational  message on the legacy of service.

Thank you to the Blackshear Rotary Club for providing waters and American Flags to all in attendance.

Thank you to Coca-Cola of Waycross for the soft drinks.

Thank you to Chris Pitts at Piggly Wiggly for graciously supplying our delicious meal.

Thank you to the Blackshear Fire Department for preparing and serving the food.

Thank you to the first grade students of Blackshear Elementary for the patriotic cards of encouragement for our vets.

Thank you to Hospice Satilla for the use of the previous evenings décor.

Thank you to the City of Blackshear, Mayor Keith Brooks, and the Better Hometown Blackshear Board of volunteers for sponsoring the event.

But most of all THANK YOU to our military veterans who more than likely slept, fought, worked, and bled in the rain, so we could celebrate Friday in the rain. Blackshear truly loves our veterans and their families and we thank you for your service.


Bethany Strickland

Better Hometown Manager