Editor, The Times:

I live on Corn Patch Road in Blackshear and my road has not been graded in eight months. The last time it was actually graded two months ago, my neighbor’s father-in-law came and did it using his own equipment.

I would like if y’all could come take care of our holey, washboard road and actually fix the culverts where water can drain.

Bailey Road, located right behind us, needs to be worked on as well.  

I have called, left messages and went to social media trying to reach the road department and no one calls back or ever comes out.

Due to the condition of the roads my car needs an alignment. When I get it done I will gladly send the road department the bill for the repairs.

Something also needs to be done about all these holes in the roads on Church Street and Youmans Chapel Road from the white church all the way to the four-way stop.

All of them are just being patched. It all washes out when it rains. Why don’t we stop wasting money repatching the roads. It would be cheaper to just repave the roads completely.

Any assistance from you would be greatly appreciated.

Jessica Ryerson