Editor, The Times

In response to the recent front page article entitled “Local GOP wants to use paper ballots”, I just want to add my two cents worth.  First of all, it would not matter to me whether paper ballots or machines are used to cast a vote. However, I am intrigued that the most pressing problem the local GOP party sees that needs addressing in our county is throwing away all those expensive voting machines and reverting back to paper ballots.

(Pierce County Republican Party Chairman) Mr. (Tony) Walsh did not cite one incident or issue with the voting machines. Is he guessing there must have been fraud or some other nefarious acts that resulted in (Former) President Trump receiving 87% of the Pierce County vote. Did Buddy Carter not win Pierce County? Did any candidate complain that votes were stolen? Is anyone alleging fraud?

Is the local party suggesting that those stats are erroneous and that perhaps (Former) President Trump did not receive his fair share of the Pierce County vote?

I just don’t get it. Pierce County has issues that do need addressing but a paper ballot is not one of the most urgent at this time. I guess you could say the county party seems to be in search of a solution for a problem that does not exist.

Wouldn’t it be more productive for the local GOP to concern itself with pot holes, dirt roads that are disasters when it rains, freight trains that cut off neighborhoods, poverty, supporting our first class educational system and seek solutions to keep property taxes from being raised during a time when everyone is struggling to make ends meet?

Changing to a paper ballot is fine with me. I just don’t see it as the most pressing issue facing this county nor do I think it’s conservative or fiscally responsible to throw away the voting machines that hard working taxpayers helped buy when there has been not one allegation of malfunctioning or fraud in Pierce County.  

Republicans won hands down reflecting the desires of most Pierce County voters. Is someone alleging that the 13% who voted other than red somehow rigged the machines and still got only 13% of the vote? If so, these are not ones to be feared.

Have a great day and thanks for the free press!

Rob Lanier