Editor, The Times:

I loved Mr. Baggs’ column on retiring after 51 years in the “newz biz.” His story about the politician who said, “I know you have to write the truth, but did you have to make it sound so damn true?” was great.

As a retired reporter, editor and publisher with 30 years of experience in Florida and South Carolina, and one who still, to this day, “edits” billboards on road trips, that story rang my chimes.

He is on the money in so many ways...we are not the enemy of the people, as pronounced by a former president. We are the last and best stronghold against tyranny.

We are professional skeptics who typically have journalism degrees and a whole lot of experience in virtually every aspect of our local communities that is now missing is so many “news deserts.”

I am terrified when I hear people say, “Oh I get my news from Facebook.” When I see conspiracy theories or outright lies, I will ask, “What’s your source? Where are you getting your information?” In almost every instance, they never respond.

So, Mr. Baggs, I was a newspaperwoman and am damn proud of it and the contributions we made to our communities.

Keep on keepin’ on, sir!

Jackie Harder