Former Pierce County High School (PCHS) basketball coach and teacher Wayne Sasser and former PCHS principal Wes Bennett want to save the old high school gym. 

Sasser was present at the meeting, but Bennett was unable to attend. 

Sasser specifically wants the gym to be used for student basketball teams for extra practice. 

“I think it would be a great facility to have for our kids to play basketball in, to practice and to train,” he said. 

Sasser told board members he understands they have a big decision facing them, but urged them to wait before tearing the building down. 

Sasser said he has been given estimates to save the gym portion of the school and provide heating and cooling there that are far less than the $3.3 million estimate given by the system’s architect. 

Sasser said Bennett has been working on those details and will present them at a later date. 

Last month, Charles “Charlie” Joyner asked the board to save the entire school building and create a Pierce County Junior High. Under his proposal, the eighth grade at the middle school and the ninth grade at the high school would be placed in the old high school.  

Board chairperson Linda Zechmann enforced the board’s policy and asked Sasser to conclude his comments after allowing him to speak for over five minutes. 

Board members took no action on Sasser’s presentation.