Pierce County High School could be on the move when the Georgia High School Association officially releases it reclassification numbers at the end of October.

PCHS is one of nine Class AAA schools that could be headed to Class AA joining Brantley County, Rutland, Rockmart, Kendrick, Peach County, Thomson, Redan and Savannah.

The unofficial results came after the GHSA approved the framework Monday, October 4 to classify its 450-plus member schools for the 2022-23 and 2023-24 academic years.

The GHSA won’t have complete 2021 statistics until the end of October, and its final classifications could be significantly different than the ones released Monday, which are designed simply to paint a broad picture of what could happen.

This reclassification will be more eventful than usual because the GHSA increased the multiplier on out-of-zone students to 3.0 from 2.0 and eliminated the cap that prevented the multiplier from catapulting schools into the highest class.

The 3.0 multiplier will not apply to Class A schools, defined currently as those with 550 students or fewer, and so those schools are not included. The GHSA might change that threshold, but it is presumed for this projection to remain.

PCHS’s (995; 0 percent increase with multiplier) possible dropping would leave the school as the co-largest in AA with Rutland of Macon (995; 7%) in a new 53-school AA realignment. Brantley County (974; 2%) would be the eighth-largest school.

The two could possible rejoin region alliances with Jeff Davis (857; 3%), Toombs County (794; 3%) and Bacon County (634; 2%).

Overall big name schools moving up and down with Lee County include Valdosta up to 7A, Tift County and Camden County down to 6A.

Private schools were most impacted. St. Pius X was hit with a 99% increase of  out-of-zone students while Woodward Academy’s 95% moved each into Class 7A from 5A.

Marist (77%), who already plays up in classification, would reside in Class 6A along with Blessed Trinity (75%). Both are currently in Class 5A. Greater Atlanta Christian (96%) would climb from 3A to 6A.

Hapeville Charter’s (4A) 66% increase was the highest for proposed Class 5A schools. Westminister’s (3A) 44% was likewise for proposed 4A. Class 2A Lovett (37%) had the highest number in 3A.