Editor, The Times:

What is a crime? Webster defines it as: “An act that violates the law:” A vice is a personal offense; every action which does injury to others, either individually or collectively is a crime. That which does injury to ourselves is a vice. Crime consists in a violation of human laws. Vice is the violation of the moral law. Sin is the violation of divine law.

With that defined, I did want to voice my opinion on what was posted on the front page of The Times (August 3). It certainly did get my attention. As a born again Christian, my life is new in Christ. However, I was born with a sin nature which goes against the ways of God. We live in a “sin sick” society. Some are more sick than others. We need to be reborn to help us move beyond our sickness by the help of the Holy Spirit.

This situation occurred as a young girl (teen) was left with a responsibility she was apparently not able to handle. Her work load was heavy. She was stressed and vented her frustration through social media. She was pushed ... and on her last “nerve.” She made the wrong choice and it caused her a lot of trouble. Our culture is rapidly moving away from God and morality. We are sick and need the healing only found in Jesus Christ our Lord.

America is in trouble. Many young adults suffer with a language problem. There are many with the “bird” disease of “foul” mouth. Cursing and crude talk is not uncommon in this society. We have some very good people in political offices of government. However many are just political- poly meaning “many” and ticks meaning “blood suckers”. Too bad that too many blood suckers are sucking the life out of America.

Recently, we saw in many of our newspapers that an event was held to “elect a queen”. This pageant was not to elect a pretty and talented queen. It was, rather, men dressed as women with sick names. No, it was not funny. In our sin sick society where government approves of such things as transgenderism, abortion and same sex marriage, we are on the path of moral destruction. Do you use abusive language? Have you even got on your last “nerve”? Have you voiced crude remarks about an employer you were at odds with?

Jesus once said “You who are without sin cast the first stone.” So, with this young girl under serious charges, locked up, her life and her family shamed... what would Jesus say?

None of us are perfect. We all fall short sometimes.

The intent of this letter is to get all of us to take a second look. We all have vices which bring injury to ourselves and our families. Christians in particular are under Divine law. A person who commits a crime bringing injury to others should be charged — if convicted — pay the time for the crime. Abortion is a crime. Transgender advocates should be charged with a crime doing injury to innocent children. Homosexuality is a moral violation that could also injure our children. Abusive language is a moral violation — sin.

In regard to the article of how this young girl was cruel... if you saw the extent of the cruelty on video you would think differently. This should not have been front page news. She should not have been charged as a felon. This ought not to have been presented to our community in this way. Deal with the problem and correct the things you can. Do not destroy people and their families over an issue like this. That toddler was not seriously injured. This young girl (teen) is not a felon.

Questions should also be asked. Are there adequate (legal amount) of employees caring for the number of children in our day care facilities? What do day care owners do if they are short staffed? Would it be better for me to not work and care for my child myself? These are the questions that should be asked.

May God bless Pierce County and give us wisdom to deal with life.

Gordon Ross