Blank stares at blank pages – the opening lines to “Love Song” by Sara Bareilles.  After a long and busy weekend compounded by the loss of an hour of sleep due to the time change, penning a column this week has been a challenge. So, I’ll just tell a story.

Mondays are tough, especially following the loss of an hour due to Daylight Savings Time (DST). People drag into work praying their big cup of java will jump start the day. This week I recalled another post-DST Monday several years ago when I was working for The Claxton Enterprise up in Evans County.

The memory prompted a chuckle.

My morning started out with a daily coffee run where I found other women to sympathize with my plight. We wished each other luck and added another spoonful of sugar to our cups. Then, it was to the office to gather weekend reports and get a recap from festival organizers on the turnout for Evans County’s Rattlesnake and Wildlife Festival.

I only thought the cobwebs were starting to clear from my brain when I called Terry McCorkle, Wildlife Club president. He promptly answered the phone “from the desk of WCLA (the local radio station).” 

“Terry?” I questioned.

Thankfully, he didn’t keep the ruse up for long  — just long enough for me to seriously consider another cup of coffee, or better yet, going back to bed.

Terry wasn’t done pulling one over on me though. I had to call him back a few hours later.

This time Terry regaled me with the stunning tale of someone bitten by a rattler at the festival. Lucky for me, I’d already received the safety report from the sheriff’s office that morning, but I let Terry tell me the full story anyway. Why not? It was ‘post-DST Monday.’ We could all use a laugh.

In recent weeks state legislators have discussed doing away with the time change in Georgia. Officials say Georgians are divided on whether or not the Peach State should observe Standard Time all year or Daylight Savings Time, but most agree we should stop switching back and forth.

Arizona and Hawaii have switched to Standard Time permanently, while California, Oregon, Washington, Utah and Maine have opted to observe Daylight Savings Time all year.

State officials pointed to negative ‘health issues’ and the disruption ‘toggling back and forth’ causes students in the classroom in panel discussions on the issue recently.

There’s been no House vote on a bill 351 calling for a non-binding, advisory referendum on the issue yet, but state senators passed SB 351 March 2.

If it makes it on the ballot anytime soon, I know how I’ll vote – Good riddance!!  Mondays are bad enough without suffering from sleep deprivation and a screwed up Circadian rhythm, too.

• Sarah Tarr Gove is news editor of The Blackshear Times. Email her at