Matt Gardner

As another school year comes to an end Carrie and I usually, like many other parents, take an after school year photo and compare it to one taken at the start of school year. It is always amazing to see how much our daughters, Mattie, 9, and Makenzie (Kenzie), 6, have grown and changed.

This year is the same as any other but we recently learned we are expecting our third little girl, Morgan Lynn, in November. So begins the process of preparing, the best we can, for another baby.

I also have started to reminisce of some of the funny, amazing and some times crazy things I have learned with our girls. One is how much fun Mattie had playing softball with one of the 10 and under teams this season. She learned a lot this year but the best part for me was to watch her pure joy of hitting the ball, even if she was not able to reach base safely. It has been fun to watch Kenzie do cartwheel after cartwheel and try to do handstands like she has learned during her gymnastics classes.

The girls also continue to say some of the funniest things, such as when Kenzie told Carrie’s mother, Gammy, she needed to use the restroom. She was told they were almost home and she could use the restroom there. Her response was, “If we were on our way to South America, I would have already wet my pants.” Mattie recently was recently watching Antiques Road Show and Carrie asked her what antiques meant, after a brief pause she said old stuff, like Gammy.

The girls have also started practicing for the time their new baby sister arrives. They have taken a few of their dolls and take care of them. Making sure to check with us to ensure they are supporting the doll’s head correctly and swaddling in the correct manner. One thing we were informed really quickly however is they will not be changing any dirty diapers and if their sister wakes up late at night they will make sure to let us know.

We are all excited for this new adventure and Carrie and I know Mattie and Makenzie will be a great help. I know I have much to learn from my girls and am sure I will have several new stories to share.

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