If every day is special then none of them are. That was the gist of a recent lunch meeting conversation I had with a couple of friends.

A cursory look at the listing of monthly observations show at least 40 nationally recognized “month of’s” for May  — completely unrelated to Cinco de Mayo. I bet most of them you’ve never heard of.

Here’s a few that caught me by surprise:

Date Your Mate Month  — With Valentine’s Day in February, do we really need another excuse for spending money on flowers, chocolate and fancy restaurants three months later? Wait, I take that back. I’ll take chocolate and the excuse to not cook dinner any month of the year! And, my hubby brought home flowers thanks to a helpful tip from my boss. Mark that one off the calendar. I’ve dated my Superman this month.

Salad Month  — I eat a salad for lunch several days a week. I love them, so I suppose it’s fitting I recognize May as Salad Month. I did splurge on a fancy new blackberry dressing after all. Jeremy won’t be joining me in that observation, though. If it’s green and crunchy, he just might choke.

BBQ Month  — Now here’s one Jeremy could get behind. Perhaps we’ll “date” each other at a new-to-us barbeque joint.

Correct Your Posture Month  — I read that one slumped over my desk at work, pushed my shoulders back and sat up straighter. Check mark!

American Cheese Month  — Y’all, I’ve been observing all these holidays and didn’t even know it. Saturday night our dinner date with friends was cheese-themed. Tracey’s cheese charcuterie board was astounding. My Gouda mac-n-cheese was … good-a.

Dental Care Awareness Month  — With all the eating Jeremy and I have planned, I probably should make us dental appointments. Here’s to a clean and healthy smile!

There are a few May observations I did know about, and they are indeed worthy of recognition.

Foster Care Month  — If you are friends with any foster parents in Pierce County, now is the time to make them feel loved. Maybe they need to Date their Mate, and you could give them the night off.

Brain Cancer, Cystic Fibrosis and ALS Awareness Month  — Research efforts to combat all of these diseases are worthy of our support. Do a little investigating and see how you can help.

National Water Safety Month  — Headed into the heat of summer and prime pool time, it’s fitting we should recognize water safety. Do your kiddos know how to swim? Now’s the time to make sure they do.

Looking for something else to celebrate this month? Not to worry. There’s an excuse for nearly every day of the year. Visit nationaldaycalendar.com to see what else you might enjoy doing this month.

• Sarah Tarr Gove is news editor of The Blackshear Times. Email her at sgove@theblacksheartimes.com.