Are there new rock formations we do not know about?

It seems like an asteroid has hit the earth with so much force that a new species of pests have been released. They seem to come from deep under some rocks and concrete in Democratic cities nationwide and have infested America with a new version of hate, racism, bigotry, and lawlessness this country has not seen since the days of Wyatt Earp. Why they have even shown a disregard for concrete statues, and intimidated the surviving ancestors into giving up their family legacy. 

Will American history be rewritten, but with an even darker side of America? One hundred years from now no one may remember how America evolved because before these pests finish ransacking, American history will be rewritten to the left wing’s satisfaction. America will become a Socialist Nation unless the people stand up and have a face off to end such asinine political propaganda by Joe (I Don’t Know) Biden and Nancy (Scares Me) Pelosi, and the rest of the Democratic Party. Oh, do not forget Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. 

The sneaky little pests have used the media spotlight as their platform to dismantle police forces throughout the country and establish a free for all way of living riding on the coat tails of Black Lives Matter (BLM). If BLM was such a popular movement to stop crimes against blacks, then why are blacks not policing their own neighborhoods if they do not trust the police? They cannot police their neighborhoods and protect their children and seniors because they will let you know it is not their job, yet they will not call the police. BLM is part of the nest these pests came out from under the rocks when the asteroid hit the earth.

All lives matter.

Bad cops have murdered races of every color. Races of every color have murdered good cops. All lives matter. We need to come up with a pesticide to eradicate social and economic pests, maybe something like deportation. I do not have the answer but your vote in November will be the deciding factor on the type of pesticide, if any. 


•Thomas Ammons lives in Blackshear and is a retired warden with the Georgia Department of Corrections.