I’m weary and stressed. Are you?

2020 has been a hot mess of a year. The pandemic, bitter elections that have dragged on all year long and even a toilet paper shortage has tested and stressed us all.

Let’s not talk about testing too much. Some of us have had our brains tickled more than once with a particular “test”  this year. Shudder.

The holidays may look a little different in coming weeks  — smaller parties, more outdoor gatherings, less shopping in malls amidst other holiday shoppers and more buying online  — and there’s plenty of topics to cause division around the Thanksgiving dinner table, too.

But, there’s only one argument really worth having over slices of pie topped with whipped cream next to giant vats of coffee. Just one issue is worthy of blustering, table pounding and holiday china clattering clamour, and it has nothing to do with which stuffy old, white man will be sworn in as the nation’s leader come January.

The only debate worth having this holiday season is this: What is the proper way to pronounce the word “pecan”?

People have rather extreme feelings over the pronunciation of the deliciously meaty nut whose harvest signifies Fall has finally arrived in South Georgia. I hear the PEA-can crop is a good one this year. Yeah, you heard me … PEA-can.

Us Southerners feel pretty strongly about the pronunciation of our favorite holiday pie: PEA-can pie of course.

The debate is so heated, in fact, that the American Pecan Council has launched “The Super Safe Pecan Debate”, which they’ve deemed as “the partisan issue you can passionately argue without risking your invitation to next year’s family gathering.”  

To settle the debate once and for all, the Council is calling pecan fans from across the country to visit PecanDebate.com and cast their vote for “PEA-can” vs. “puh-CON”. Currently, puh-CON is in the lead, with 66 percent vs. PEA-can’s 34 percent. Nearly 300,000 voters have weighed in!

God Bless ‘em.

Clearly, the survey hasn’t garnered much attention down south in PEA-can country. Little does the Council know that issue could very well bar someone from their seat at the table next Thanksgiving.

I supposed we can all agree pecans belong on every Thanksgiving table though. It’s just not Thanksgiving without turkey-n-dressing and PEA-can pie!

How do you pronounce pecan? Choose your words carefully my friend.

• Sarah Tarr Gove is news editor of The Blackshear Times. Email her at sgove@blacksheartimes.news.