Mom life is far from glamorous.

I’m not a high-maintenance gal and I’d never be able to keep a stylist or a manicurist in business for very long, but I do my best to look presentable beyond the walls of my home. (No one needs to see that ratty “Coffee before Talkee” top I sport around the house.)  Mom life, however, is taxing my ability to look anything but disheveled these days.

I’ve been working remotely from home since the week after Avery Kate was born, but the credit for my ability to juggle work and a new baby goes mostly to my Superman hubby, Avery Kate’s doting grandparents who are always a call or text away, and my hardworking comrades here at The Times.

A couple friends recently dubbed me Wonder Woman for returning to work so quickly while another lovingly reminded me motherhood should be my first priority. She’s right of course, and most days I keep my priorities in line. Other days, as I’m sure nearly every mother will tell you, everything falls apart.

I had one of those days recently. I’ll share the story because it’s funny now (last Monday it was far from funny). But, I’m quick to laugh at myself these days. How else would I stay sane?

I began the week thinking I was relatively caught up with work assignments heading into deadline day, but several things popped up unexpectedly Monday morning. I was scrambling to juggle all the balls and keep Avery fed, diapered and happy. 

Keeping myself fed, bathed and happy fell by the wayside.

I called Mom in a pinch and she showed up not ten minutes later to watch my angel baby while I scrambled out the door to take some last minute photos. It was close to noon by then. I still wasn’t fed, and I’m too self-conscious to admit how long I’d gone without showering, but I was dressed and my hair was kinda-sorta fixed. 

It’ll do, I thought.

It did not. It did not do at all.

I now owe an apology to the half dozen or so folks who saw me that day. A few of those are my coworkers who are far too polite and supportive to have said a word. The other fella was probably too embarrassed to mention it.

Wonder Woman looks quite glamorous in her colorful (although too scantily clad for my taste) get up. Mine was just as colorful, but not in good taste at all. No, my hot pink mom bra blazing through a cream-colored T-shirt was neither pretty, appropriate or stylish.

I avoid mirrors for several reasons lately  — dark circles under the eyes, more gray hair sprouting than I care to see, and extra pounds I wish would just melt away  — but last week I found a very good reason not to skip a daily once-over in front of the mirror.  

I’m sorry, y’all! 

I promise to make the mirror check a new priority, right behind brushing my teeth and washing my face. I’m sure most of the folks I work with will continue to be gracious, but apparently I’m in need of a keeper. If anyone is up for the task, let me know!

• Sarah Tarr Gove is news editor of The Blackshear Times. Email her at