Editor, The Times:

Thanks for running Dick Yarbrough’s column “What would Will Rogers Say?” in the August 17 edition.

Mr. Yarbrough’s commentary on the Republican Party is spot on. For me, it is hard to be a Republican and impossible to be a Democrat. As for the Republican in Name Only (RINO) faction, there are many.

The Never Trumpers are another.  I was one until the primary was settled in 2016. Then I held my breath, swallowed hard, pushed the buttons and afterward felt like severing the offending finger.  

With Herschel Walker, the feeling is much the same. However, I have taken a page from the Democrats. I will vote for a Yellow Dog Republican before I vote for a Dead Yellow Dog Democrat.  

Thanks for enlightening me. The Never Trumpers are now the Republican Accountability Project.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the Democrats had an Accountability Project? Character Assassination Squads do not qualify for accountability projects.

The enemy is here, and they are us!

Clifton Baker