Editor, The Times;

Thank you so much for allowing public opinion to be voiced through our local newspaper. Certainly some opinions are of greater value than others.

When it comes to taxes, we all have opinions. In the December 15, 2021 edition, The Times reported “The Tax Man is coming...”. I dare say he is already here. Yes, we need local and state taxes. However, how much is enough? When a home owner or business owner pays their yearly property taxes, seldom do they like it.

Let’s focus for a moment on what “Santa” brought you out of his bag of gifts. For many or most, this will soon bring you a large increase in your property tax bill. This is not a gift certificate you can appreciate receiving. It is reported that our county commission has enough surplus funds to pay $392,000 to provide you and I with higher tax on our property. I doubt  seriously many tax bills will decrease. In Pierce County, we have about 20,000 citizens. Divide that into $392,000. You will discover the tax commission approved $19.60 per citizen to pay to re-appraise your property. It seems ok to have such funds on hand.. but to use the money to sting its citizens with higher taxes is not my idea of a gift. We are all paying enough taxes and do not welcome the added load to the financial load we carry.

Let’s look at the word itself. “Re-appraise” I can see right off  “Raise” in it. I also think it absurd to think “praise” is going to come out of it. COVID... cost of living going up... political turmoil and many other issues are already “beating us up”.

Why not leave us alone and use the surplus funds to help our county rather than put more pressure on us? This is not a county with great wealth. Many of us appreciate the “lower tax base”. Many business owners are here because of that. We do not have enough money to pave our county roads which for many are difficult to travel to and from work or school.

Let’s think more of helping our citizens and less about filling the ever growing desires of our local politicians. Pierce County is not supportive of “big government”. We don’t like it in Washington, D.C. or in Atlanta and we do not want it in Pierce County. When we stop standing for our rights, they will slowly disappear.

Don’t you think eight-10 percent tax and more additional tax is enough. Not to mention employee and employer social security taxes. What about worker’s comp benefits that are not free. Do you think employers get free worker unemployment benefits for their employees.

I think you get the picture. We are already down. Please do not knock us down further with raised property taxes.

Gordon Ross

Patterson, GA