Editor, The Times,

When I hear politicians in Washington D.C. and critics of America speak about “White Supremacy” I have come to believe they are describing themselves. White obviously refers to the absence of color. The definitions of Supreme include, highest in rank, power, authority etc.; final and ultimate. I hear that phrase used most often when ordinary groups of our country are criticized for not agreeing with or doing what the speaker is saying. When politicians forget they represent us, not control us, it becomes a problem. Across our country more and more control issues are cropping up, in school teachings, choice to vaccinate or not, whether stealing a little or a lot is Ok and, hurting someone’s feelings versus outright assault, it depends on the speakers which is right. Law and order are rules to be broken and ignored in many places across our nation, it looks to me like the real issue here is Control and Supremacy!

Waveleen Wehling