Nickie Carter

Ways one can cope with COVID-19 include counting one’s many blessings and “trusting in the Lord with all one’s heart.’’ A giant blessing is Memorial Satilla Health at 1900 Tebeau Street in Waycross, a massive building with a multitude of excellent, caring doctors, nurses and healthcare workers.

The Waycross hospital is a place one doesn’t want to go, but when the health emergency arrives -- which it is for so many suffering from COVID -- he is glad to enter its electric revolving doors. Inside there are real health caring people with feelings and beating hearts, and their duties are given with gentle hands of angels. One might have to wait a short while before being seen, but the wait doesn’t compare to the professional service of those dedicated doctors and nurses. They work like a well-oiled machine, all humanly trained in medical education to helping mankind.

These well-educated nurses and doctors who spent hours and hours of learning, help take those tears and pain away. These could be called miracles and should be as once seen and diagnosed the patient revives like a beautiful flower which receives long-awaited rain. How can these health angels be so patient, kind, caring and helpful? Seems like sometimes they could get gruff, but most times they remain calm, cool and collected -- so professional.

Health angels not locally seen are the scientists and doctors who discovered the COVID-19 vaccine. The shots allow one protection from the dreaded disease which wants to keep destroying one’s life. If the vaccine if not a sure cure, it is a definite step toward relief which all are seeking. Families touched by the virus and even death of family and friends know the real reason the vaccine is welcomed.

The hospital emergency room is a well-planned haven where those in pain and suffering are pampered with needed tests and then diagnosed with remedies and health care determined. Always there is a warm smile and assurance from a nurse giving the best care when one is hurting so badly and can’t maintain a smile himself. Beds are covered with the cleanest, germ-free sheets, pillows are puffed for comfort and nurses are there busily assessing every patient’s need. Privacy is recognized as healthcare stalls are separated by curtains. And, there are rooms with door closure when available.

These days, the emergency room is so very busy with so many patients with so many ailments and pains. One would never know the stress and worry which patients experience, but like a television channel changer, these healthcare angels can change these human frailties to relief and hope when patients leave the emergency room.