Nickie Carter

A loving tribute written by a close friend

A light of dedication shining for her God and a heart beating with love for her family and community has gone out. Mary Lott Walker will not be rushing to a city or county meeting, taking her pew at her beloved Blackshear Presbyterian Church or physically hugging her precious family members anymore.

The “talk of the town,’’  cherished former educator and former Blackshear council woman (among other supporting political and Presbyterial church roles) went to her rest peacefully Wednesday night, according to her family. The former Blackshear Mayor pro tem is now a resident of her Lord and Savior’s home.

What will Blackshear do now without “our Mary Lott’’? Many  church family members, those from various organizations from Pierce County to Clinch County and the state of Georgia and her genealogy efforts,  will have a long time in accepting her absence and have to learn to remember her good works — her love for her family, her church, her city and her county.

She hit the gavel at many organizations as a leader, but her greatest joy would have to be her love for her sisters and their families. A great blessing for her, she would say, was spending time with her sisters, and driving to Jesup to pick up her “great family members/school children’’ at school. This was a most welcome family love task she would comment to many friends.

Here she comes, a little late, but she makes it! Ramblin’ Rose Red Hatters didn’t start their Okefenokee Country Club fellowships until she — their Queen Mother — arrived. She did arrive with that bubbly smile, fast  talking remarks about her phone calls and city happenings and took over the agenda — always smiling and greeting her special friends.

Her red hat signified her good deeds, her love for life. She wore the red hat for fun, but she wore so many more hats of service and dedication to her city and county. She so appreciated the country club’s way of graciously welcoming her and her friends.                     

Mary Lott was a heart beat citizen who kept the city and community going with her support in so many ways. She was a woman who loved her God, her family and her community. She might have been short in stature, but she was a  gracious, southern lady, a giant of a servant of God with a backbone of goodwill for her Blackshear and her Pierce County community.

The Blackshear beloved citizen was a “spoke’’ in so many wonderful organizations which together make the wheel of life continue. She was that kind of person. The word complimenting her was “she might have been blessed with extra money in her day, but she shared with others. If she learned through a phone call that a child needed something in the school system, she was already on it, jumping in her car, doing what her heart told her to do.’’

She saw no difference in people, whether of great wealth or of struggling circumstances, she addressed them the same with a bubbly smile, welcome chatter and “good day to you.’’ She was a faithful friend to so many.

Many praised her for her care of her beloved mother Huel Peacock Walker, living in her home for years. Her mother died in her late 90s. Mary Lott never complained; she just did her loving care and was also successful in carrying out her love for her church, city and county duties. My how she loved to speak her mother’s and her father, Lyman J. Walker’s names, her face beaming with pride over her ancestry and their places in the community.

This lady of the community was honored with many awards. The most recent in 2020 when she received the coveted Morris Jacobson Brotherhood Award at the Waycross Hebrew Congregation. This award recognizes people of the community who appreciate people from all walks of life and try to make a difference. She, by her dedicated actions, only loved people and did her best to serve her community. She was interested in the past, the historic lineage of people, but she walked side by side in the  present to help others.

A never ending circle of relatives and friends know our Mary Lott has received her greatest reward!

Already, she has been lauded as “Well done, my good and faithful servant. You have been faithful with a few things. I will put you in charge of many things. Enter thou in the joy of thy Lord.’’ (Matthew 25:21)