Editor, The Times,

This is the third letter I have written in the past few months concerning the World War II Memorial in the Blackshear City Park which includes the cannon, (which was damaged during its removal from the park), but I keep meeting people that are unaware of what is happening.

The memorial was placed there to honor a special generation of men and women whose courage and love of this great country will probably never be matched. When the war which this country was not prepared for broke out, all able bodied men and some women went to serve, leaving the women, and children to work the factories, and man the home front, some of these young men were only 16, but managed to enlist anyway. Many of these young men had their lives ended on the beaches of Normandy, lwo Jima and others. Many of these young men never had a chance to graduate, attend a prom, have a family or other pleasures that the young men today are able to enjoy because of the dedication of those young men. Too often the Blue Stars in the windows were changed to Gold, and the bugle playing TAPS was heard in the cemetery. That memorial was located in a place of prominance in the park so people will always be reminded of what those people did to save this country. The memorial has only been moved once in its many years and that was only approximately 10 feet. It should never be moved again. But, they are planning on moving it to the Hanging Jail, where there is little to no foot traffic and it will be forgotten.

When I drive past the park, I normally see cars parked there with people enjoying the facilities. That won’t happen with the new plan, which includes an eight foot fence around the entire park. That fence should tell everyone that it is all about money. What is now a wonderful park will be gone. The beautiful Christmas light display that we all enjoy every year, Gone.

They mentioned a tree for Donna Dixon. Dixon was a wonderful lady who did a lot for Blackshear and is deserving of a sycamore tree to be planted as a memorial to her. There is plenty of room in the present configuration for this to be done.

Everyone in the entire area needs to call the mayor’s office, the c(ity) commissioner and others to demand this be stopped.

Myself, and others are going around with petitions to leave the memorials in their present location, please sign one.

There will be a Rally at the courthouse Saturday, May 7 with many speakers, Gold Star mom’s, etc. Please plan to attend and assist us in getting this stopped, and save our park.

Robert ‘Bob’ Lentz

U.S. Navy Retired,

31 years of service,