Will you help a nursing home resident have a more joyous holiday season?

Are you ready for Christmas?

What does that really mean?

For some it might mean have you completed your shopping, finished the search for the “just right” gift to widen the eyes and gladden the heart of someone you love? For others it could mean, is your heart and mind focused on the “reason for the season?”

The answers will be as varied as the people asked, but one thing is certain: Many of us will receive far more than we need — and give far less than we should this holiday season, me included.

There are ways we can do more to help others, of course. Right here in our own community are many who may have a less-than-joyous Christmas. So. How can you help these, and others? Here are a few tips:

Give blood.

It’s one of the oldest public service opportunities around and one of the most overlooked. Blood donations are safe, painless and needed more than ever.

• Call the Sycamore Tree. The Sycamore Tree is a local Christian ministry supported by individuals and churches. Volunteers donate their time, along with their resources, to help our neighbors in need — be it financially, spiritually or as a friend. Short term assistance is coupled with counseling and mentoring as the group shares Christian love.

Go by the Nursing Home. 

The Lord Jesus himself said: “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” — Acts, 20-35.

Nowhere can we follow the directions of our Lord better than reaching out to the elderly and infirm at Harborview Pierce County Nursing Home.

It’s called “Adopt a Resident.” All you have to do is drop by the nursing home on Carter Avenue and pick a gingerbread house from the brightly-lit tree. On the back will be a “wish list” from one of the residents, along with a number. Just give the number to the office staff there and give your name and phone number. Then, take a few minutes and fulfill the nursing home resident’s hopes, wrap it up, and return it to the home before December 14th.

• Prayer. It’s still the number one need for us all. Remember your neighbors as well as our country, our leaders and, certainly, the brave men and women on the front line of battles around the world.

What better way to enjoy the spirit of Christmas?

• Robert M. Williams, Jr. is Editor & Publisher of The Blackshear Times. Email: rwilliams@theblacksheartimes.com.

Robert M. Williams, Jr. can be reached at rwilliams@theblacksheartimes.com.