Sarah Gove

The time has come for me to say see ya later  — never goodbye. That’s a mantra I learned from my daddy. If you’ve ever been a student in his science class or Sunday School, you’ve probably heard that one a time or two.

This edition marks my last at The Blackshear Times, but I’m not moving far, just across the street to the Chamber of Commerce.

I’ll forever be grateful to Robert and Cheryl Williams for giving me the opportunity to return to my hometown newspaper and do the job I’ve come to love so much.  

Ask anyone in the newspaper business and they’ll tell ya. We don’t do it for the money or the popularity. Folks don’t always like what we write. But, journalists are some of the most dedicated, hard working folks I know. They take pride in their work, constantly critiquing it for accuracy and fairness. They’re always looking for an interesting story idea or an angle readers may not have considered. We strive to educate our readers, and facilitate an intellectually healthy, critical thinking community.

I consider it an honor to have been part of this “tribe.”

Part of my heart will always belong to the work of community news. I’m already instilling a love for The Times in my daughter, Avery Kate. Granted, she cares more about the rustle of newspaper and hiding under the pages right now. I think she even likes the way it tastes. But, that will change.

Now comes the hard part:

Jason, thank you for being a faithful friend, a wealth of useful information and one of the most hardworking fellas I’ve ever met. I know you’re a creature of habit, vehemently opposed to change, so just bring your Thursday Garden Cafe plate over to the Chamber office on occasion and let’s catch up.

Many thanks to Joan for the morning chats and sweet chocolate treats (my love for dark chocolate is second only to my coffee addiction). I’ve enjoyed getting to know you these last three years. And, thank you Julie for your keen eye and attention to detail. Your behind-the-scenes production skills have bailed us out many a-time and made The Times look good week after week.

Matt, thank you for stepping into your new role as publisher so seamlessly, allowing us to keep cranking out the paper and covering the news in our town the way we have for so long without hardly a hiccup. I’m excited to see what vision you have for The Times in the years to come!

To our faithful readers, I’ve not gone far and I’d still love to hear from you. In many ways, my job has not changed. While the focus of my communication efforts may now be concentrated on supporting our local businesses, my goal is the same  — to see Pierce County thrive and grow.

I’ll see you later …

• Sarah Tarr Gove is the former news editor of The Blackshear Times. Email her at