Editor, The Times,

I am writing to encourage everyone to contact our legislators and urge them to vote “no” on House Bill 1013 in the Georgia General Assembly. It has passed the House and is now going to the State Senate.

The purpose of the bill is suppose to be to implement mental health care reform recommendations from the Behavioral  Health  Reform  and  Innovation  Commission.

However, it is a bad bill and must be stopped.

HB 1013 as it is presented will:

• increase government control over you and your family’s mental health

• be the largest expansion of regulation since Obamacare

• gives control of covered disorders to the World Health Organization (WHO), and the sth edition of the American Psychiatric Association’s (APA) Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5).

• will make taxpayers, (churches are not exempt) have to pay for gender reassignment surgery and counseling for pedophiles. Just like the “little sisters of the poor’’ did not want to pay for abortions, churches should not be forced to pay for this. Our legislators should not pass a law that we know will be overturned by the Supreme Court as was the previously mentioned case.

• make it easy to involuntarily confine someone against his or her will. It NO LONGER requires imminent threat to harm self or others. EXAMPLE: If someone mentions they are thinking of committing suicide, someone could report this and have that person committed against his or her will, for an undetermined amount of time.

• make pedophilia be considered a disorder. Instead of being charged with a crime, a person will receive mental health therapy.

• grow the field of mental health by school debt forgiveness for anyone going into any area of mental health.

• create additional agencies and organizations to monitor and control individuals, organizations, health insurance agencies, etc.

• instead of helping the disadvantaged, lump everyone in the same bucket. This is a stealth method to control our rights and freedoms. The result will be a transfer of control of our mental health to the state and the federal government- nothing less than the nationalization of our healthcare.

• be backdoor to gun control. It is illegal for anyone diagnosed with a mental health issue to own a gun. This is known as “red flag law.”

• require a mental health screening for all adults and children. This has already begun in our public school system. Parents are unaware it is happening. There is a mental health baseline being established for all our children through screening.

• result in mental health data collection - Sharing mental health data between state and local agencies, such as community service boards and the Department of Community Supervision.

• require private health care entities be held to a different standard than State agencies. This could result in prices increasing and the loss of private care bringing in socialized medicine.

• allow police accompanied by a PEACE OFFICER, to take people into custody before they commit a crime under the expectation they will, although they have not.

• establish a Mental Health Courts and Corrections, Assisted Outpatient treatment Advisory Council, headed by the President of the Council of Probate Court Judges of Georgia, or his or her designee. These are just the beginning of the numerous agencies being created to care for us.

• allow many criminals  to avoid jail and be monitored, tracked, and connected to community-based services for behavioral health conditions. All under the guise of mental health.

If this bill passes it will lead to completing the famework for the Whole Child Whole Community (WCWC). This is a wraparound service for your child and your family. This bill establishes the framework to bring medical clinics into schools. The school will become the HUB for all things medical: psychological, substance abuse, family planning, as well as other social services targeting the family such as daycare and teen parenting education. This will be a pipeline to Planned Parenthood, all without parental consent. Creating a greater dependency on the government. WCWC can be found on the GADOE’s website, the CDC’s website, and all other DOE websites. It is a nationwide agenda.

It is not a coincidence that our school guidance counselors are now considered “Professional Counselors.” This most likely will give them the ability to file for Medicaid. They are not certified or equipped to be professional counselors.

Social workers will make home visits to make sure new parents understand how to best care for their infants. This opens the door for the government to continue monitoring your ability to care for your child and meet their needs.

Social-Emotional Learning is being used in our schools to change our children’s language, behaviors, attitudes and values. Transforming our schools to promote equity, social justice and conformity of thought. What if your child does not conform? Would that fall under mental health? What if your child has a learning disability? Will the state decide you are not capable of meeting that child’s needs? What if your child answered that survey question asking if your family owns a gun? Will that constitute the removal of your child? This is a real question that appears on surveys in our schools.

This bill references protecting the rights of the child, but never the rights of the parent.

What if your child decides to transition from a girl to a boy? Will you lose your parental rights because you don’t agree?

What if? What if? What if? The scenarios are deep and wide, and the truth is all of them are 100 percent possible. This is a wide-sweeping very vague bill.

Please call your legislator and let them know we don’t want this bill.

Kay Godwin