It’s springtime y’all!  Time for cleaning and organizing and setting your house in order.

Spring cleaning fever, coupled with what my friends are convinced is ‘nesting,’ set in strong at my house last weekend.

I’ve been telling Jeremy for two months come May, like it or not, we were starting on the pre-baby to do list. Pretty sure I scared him good when I declared every weekend for the next three months we’d be getting things ready for Baby Gove’s arrival.

Be forewarned, if Jeremy contacts any of his buddies about going fishin’, y’all know he’s not itchin’ for a fried fish dinner  — my husband can’t stand the South Georgia bugs, humidity and snakes enough to venture out on the Satilla. No, he’s trying to get away from the stir-crazy, frizzy-haired, pregnant missus at home.

Truth be told, he started checking things off that list Saturday without the first complaint. Install peephole in the front door  — done. Secure crib railing and put up new smoke detectors  — done. New electrical plate cover  — done.

And all of that before lunch!  I bet he’s hoping he’ll speed through my three-month-long list in just one month of Saturdays.

He’s got another think coming.

Summertime also means “putting up” time. Last weekend we put up 12-15 gallon freezer bags of yellow squash and 15 pounds of tomatoes. I’m just getting started, too I warned him. There’s more tomatoes coming. Corn, okra and beans on the way in a few weeks.

I always store up fresh summer veggies to last through the Fall, but this year I’m extra focused on stockpiling good food for the days ahead. The ongoing pandemic and run on grocery stores a few weeks ago has reminded me of the value of a fully-stocked freezer. 

We gave up on our weekly grocery pick up order for several weeks after a two-hour wait only to be sent home and told to return at daybreak the next morning where we waited another two hours and then received half of the order, everything else out of stock.

Besides, we’ll need extra supplies for teaching Jeremy how to cook. Yep, cooking lessons are on the pre-baby list, too. I haven’t told him about that one yet. Stay tuned …

• Sarah Tarr Gove is news editor of The Blackshear Times. Email her at