We’re on the final countdown to Baby Gove’s arrival and life for Jeremy and I is a flurry of activity lately. I thought we were doing well moving through that pre-baby to-do list I mentioned in a previous column -— until two weeks ago.

My relatively uneventful pregnancy took an unexpected turn with a call from the doc. ‘Get to the hospital now. We need to monitor the baby,’ she said. 

That call and the diagnosis to follow sped up our timeline quite a bit. Baby Gove is now expected to arrive much sooner than we anticipated, possibly even this month! And, poor Jeremy hardly knows which way is up or down on that check list now. It grows daily.

Our baby girl is perfectly fine. We’re thanking the Lord, yet again, for his protecting hand. My liver has decided not to cooperate anymore  — or at least not until after Baby Gove makes her debut. The next few weeks are full of doctor appointments, baby monitoring and bloodwork. I feel like quite the pin cushion these days.

Meanwhile Baby Gove keeps tumbling around, kicking and punching to make sure we don’t ignore her for too long. She gets hiccups often. That’s a sight to behold. 

Ten days into our ramped up timeline I still feel the ‘get everything done’ pressure, but we’re trying to savor these moments, too. Sometimes slowing down is hard. It takes almost as much effort as running all those errands, or washing and organizing mountains of baby clothes, burp cloths and bibs, tiny socks and blankets.

Saturday afternoon, however, we found just the thing. Jeremy turned on BBC’s Pride & Prejudice, a five-episode show of one of my favorite classic novels and I binge watched the whole thing. Only love, true love kept Jeremy in the living room for the entire ordeal. 

Watching so much ado about nothing brought my own stresses into proper perspective I suppose. I think we laughed more than normal at the Bennett sisters’ antics, Mr. Collins’ silliness, Bingley’s cluelessness and, of course, Mr. Darcy’s mysteriousness.

This baby may not arrive when we planned, how we planned or where we planned, but she’ll be here. I have a feeling all my frustrations over foiled plans and unfinished to-do lists will fade when we see her. 

Thanks, Jane (and BBC) for melting my stress away.

• Sarah Tarr Gove is news editor of The Blackshear Times. Email her at sgove@theblacksheartimes.com.