Editor, The Times,

I know that you write stories about the successes residents of Pierce County have accomplished and you do it very well. I would like to share a story about one of the most successful people I have known in Pierce County.

Dana Titcher passed away on April 20, 2021. I was not immediately aware of that fact because arrangements were not handled in his home of Blackshear but out of state where his family resides.

When I first came to Patterson my sister referred me to a handyman. That was how I met Dana. He was not overly ambitious, he didn’t work from dawn to dusk and didn’t charge a fortune for his knowledge. He was one of those people who knew a bit about a lot of things in the home repair line, some more than others. He was the kind of guy who would answer my call, spend two hours trying to fix the problem and — finding it was beyond his expertise — he would refer me to a local professional. In those rare occurrences, he would say “no charge, I didn’t fix it”.

After I was here about a year, my sink stopped up on Thanksgiving morning. My sister told me to call Dana but I did not want to interrupt his Thanksgiving. She assured me that if he wasn’t busy he would help. I went ahead and called expecting to leave a message for the weekend but he answered and was at my house within 30 minutes and sink taken care of within an hour of the call. If I called him for a big job he would quote me a ridiculously low price to help me out. There was always a long running narrative about what was going on in the county and things in general which I thoroughly enjoyed.  I never knew him to say an unkind word about anyone and he would not gossip about anyone.  As he got to know me he found that I was game for a little do it yourself and would ask if I wanted to try it myself. He would walk me through the job and tell me if I had any problem he would come right away. He always wanted to save people money from the real estate brokers he worked for down to the old ladies like me.

I would venture to guess hundreds of people in Pierce County will miss him, too, very much. He will be missed for his positive attitude, generous spirit and the goodness that he seemed enveloped in. I feel very strongly that I knew a man who was very successful, maybe not in business, but in life.

Susan Puthoff