Friday night lights FINALLY arrived. Our boys of Fall took the field at home against Brunswick High Friday night and won! Gooooo Bears!

Oh, and did you hear? We had a baby!

While the Bears were prepping for their first game of the season, Jeremy and I were sitting in a triage unit at Memorial Health in Savannah waiting for a room. The whole ordeal was a 12-hour lesson in patience as we arrived for our induction appointment at 4 p.m. last Friday only to sit waiting on a cot until after midnight. 

There was no full moon in the sky that I’m aware of, but at least half a dozen women were wheeled into the labor and delivery unit that night with a baby expected to appear at any moment. We heard more than one exclamation of ‘my water just broke!’ Each time one hurried down the hall, I’d look at Jeremy and say ‘there goes our next available room.’

Finally, we were settled and ready to begin the process of welcoming Avery Kathryn ‘Avery Kate’ Gove into the world. She made her grand entrance at approximately 7:30 p.m. Saturday, August 29, weighing 5.8 pounds and measuring 19” long – our very own bag of sugar.

She couldn’t be sweeter either. Jeremy and I are more in love with her than we could ever have dreamed possible. It’s hard not to stare at our angel baby all the time. She’s perfect, y’all!

Life will never be the same. 

We heard that from fellow parents for nine months, smiling and nodding in agreement. Now we really know – becoming a parent results in a total shift in perspective. The weight of our new responsibility is both exciting and terrifying at the same time. Some moments I feel more like an adult than I ever have, and other moments I’m just a little girl playing house. It doesn’t help matters that Avery Kate looks just like a baby doll. She’s smaller than some, in fact!

As I swaddle my daughter up every night with her blanket and a binkie, we pray for God’s grace and protection over our new bundle of joy. And, lots of wisdom for mama and daddy in the days ahead, too.

(Check out ‘look who’s new’ on Page 8 for a peak at our angel baby).

• Sarah Tarr Gove is news editor of The Blackshear Times. Email her at