I love the outdoors.  

In fact, our family goes camping several times a year, and while we love Georgia for its sub-tropical climate, we often long for the cooler temperatures of the North Georgia mountains.  

As I sat in my backyard one morning last week, I enjoyed the tantalizing preview of a fall day. The air was just short of crisp. I could practically taste the hot apple cider and pumpkin pie. I paused to inhale the imaginary scent of campfires.  

Many of us have been stuck inside for so long due to the pandemic that we are dreaming of opportunities to celebrate the coming colorful, and hopefully cooler, season. In anticipation of the memories to be made in the weeks ahead, I’ve compiled a list of fun activities, food celebrations, and silly holidays for my family. Maybe your family can enjoy these, too. Don’t forget to take pictures!

• Dress like a pirate

• Carve a pumpkin

• Go apple picking or make apple cider 

• Have a picnic

• Bake pies

• Jump in the leaves

•Make a scarecrow

• Go hiking

•Give thanks

Need a reason to do something special? Here’s a list of coming ‘holidays’ you can use as your excuse to celebrate fall:

• September 19  — Talk Like a Pirate Day

• September 21  — Favorite Family Feast Day and First Day of Autumn

• September 26  — Pancake Lover’s Day

• September 29  — National Coffee Day

• September 30  —  National Love People Day

• October 4  — National Taco Day

• October 5  — National Do Something Nice Day

• October 14  — National Kick Butt Day

• October 17  — National Pasta Day

• October 26  — National Make a Difference Day

• October 28  — National Chocolate Day

• November 3  — Sandwich Day

• November 5  — Bonfire Day

• November 10  — Read a Book to a Child Day

• November 12  — Chicken Soup Day

• November 19  — Do Something Nice for the Elderly Day

• Stephanie Bell is Executive Director of Pierce County Family Connection.