Coffee shop

John Edge, left, had plans to open a new coffee shop in Wall’s Plaza this summer. His son, Josh Edge, pictured at right, hopes to move forward.

Developer dies suddenly during construction

Locals following the recent development of a new coffee shop slated to open in Wall’s Plaza this summer may be wondering where things stand now after coffee shop developer, John Edge, died unexpectedly two weeks ago.

Josh Edge, John’s son and business partner in the endeavor, told The Times last week he isn’t sure when Roasted might open for business now, but he plans to move forward with it’s construction.

“Dad really wanted to do this and I really wanted to do it with him. I would feel like I let him down if I didn’t push through and at least give it a shot,” Edge says.

The Edges had been renovating the former Georgia Power office with plans to open a coffee shop that also serves pitas for lunch. Roasted would have drive-thru access and feature online ordering as well.

Initially, plans were to open the new restaurant in May, but with John’s untimely death and now a nationwide economic slowdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Edge isn’t sure when he might open.

“I don’t have a date in mind (for opening), but I’ll keep working at it until we get it done,” Edge says. “We’re in an awkward time, uncharted waters.”

Edge has no plans to modify the business model for Roasted though.

“Everything will be like he (John) wanted it,” he says.

Edge has spoken with building owner Bill Wall to confirm he’ll still rent the space and gave a plumber the go ahead to continue working last week as well.

“I told him just to take the week off and take care of his business.” Wall told The Times. “He wants to still do it.”

Edge’s next step is finding a contractor to strip the floors and seal the concrete, but beyond that he isn’t sure what comes next.

“I don’t know past that,” Edge says. “He (John) had such big shoes to fill it’s hard to even know where to start.”