clean up day

People filled two dumpsters with trash and then proceeded to illegally dump trash all over the ground at Otter Creek Fire Station.

Program now on hold after misuse of first clean up event at Otter Creek Station

The county’s first clean-up day this weekend was a disaster.

Oh, county residents took advantage of the two containers for their trash and waste disposal all right  — and so did a lot of other folks.

Trash and waste was reportedly imported from other counties as well.

Otter Creek Fire Station hosted the first of the county’s clean up days Saturday and Sunday.

Both containers were filled to capacity and illegal dumping occurred on the property of Otter Creek Fire Station.

“It’s just a big mess. I’m just disgusted at what happened,” said County Manager Jason Rubenbauer. “We thought we had a good plan in place, but obviously, we were mistaken.”

The idea was to have residents bring their trash and waste to the containers, but county officials had hoped the process would be more orderly and organized.

The manager said it appears word of the clean up days spread far beyond Pierce County.

“We had reports of a long trailer loaded with trash with a Camden County tag that was dumped here,” he said.

Rubenbauer also said it appears that several people took advantage of the clean-up day to clean out old rental properties.

“We had mattresses, cabinets, construction debris and all sort of other things dumped out,” he said.

The manager said the clean-up of the clean-up day took up most of the morning Monday.

“Lots of bulk materials were dumped which filled up the containers,” he said.

The manager said bulk items were not meant to be collected on the clean up days. He pointed out bulk items can be scheduled for pick up by Republic.

 “All residents are reminded that bulk items can be picked up by calling Republic at (912) 280-3022 at least one week prior to the date they wish to have the items collected,” he said.

Plans had called for having a monthly series of clean-up days scheduled at various locations in each district county-wide.

The clean up day program was added as part of a new one year deal the county approved with Republic Services for waste pick-up.

Republic had suggested the idea as a trade-off for closing the county’s convenience center. The convenience center offered a drop off site, but Republic said it only saw an average of 1.5 people per day use the facility.

The clean-up days were to be held once per month rotated among the four districts in the county. In exchange, the county closed the convenience center on County Farm Road.

Rubenbauer said the plans for the clean up days are now on hold to allow the county to re-group and re-think the clean up day idea.