Early voting

Voters lined the hallway of the Courthouse Annex during the last day of early voting Friday, October 30, to cast their ballots ahead of Election Day. They waited in line six feet apart.

More than 60 percent of Pierce County voters flocked to the polls ahead of Election Day

Pierce County finished the early voting period with over 60 percent turnout before the first vote was cast on election day Tuesday.

At the close of early voting Friday, Oct. 30, 7,651 of Pierce County’s 12,734 registered voters had already turned out to vote early, representing 60.20 percent of the registered votes in the county. This significant early turnout number tracks with the record turnout seen across Georgia and throughout the country. Turnout in Georgia has already been more than 3.8 million, higher than 2018’s close race for Governor.

During the last presidential election year in 2016, there was a total turnout – for advance voting and Election Day ballots – of 79.25 percent in Pierce County.

Of the 7,651 ballots cast in Pierce County so far, most have been early, in-person voting. A total of 6,415 voters have cast ballots early, in-person. Another 1,236 have voted absentee by mail or through the county’s absentee ballot drop box. The drop boxes are in place statewide.

Early voting has been spurred in part because of precautions in place due to the ongoing pandemic.

In addition to the race for President, local voters are also deciding both U.S. Senate seats, U.S. Congress District One and district one on the county commission.

“The record turnout is a testament to the hard work our state and local elections officials are putting in to uphold election access for Georgia voters,” said Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. “We set records every hour. Adjusting to a new voting system or turning on a dime to accommodate a surge in absentee by mail voting would be enough to challenge even the most seasoned elections officials. Doing so with the added complications of COVID-19 has made this effort truly Herculean.”

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