virus at jail

COVID-19 (coronavirus) has hit the Pierce County Jail.

Sheriff Ramsey Bennett confirmed Monday there are a total of 13 active cases at the jail.

“We have eight inmates and five employees who have tested positive for the coronavirus,” he said.

Bennett said inmates are receiving medical care on site through the jail’s medical provider. None of the inmates have required hospitalization.

“We are going to make sure they get the care they deserve until they recover,” he said.

The sheriff said the virus has been limited to two of the five dormitories of the jail. The jail has a capacity of 72 inmates.

“Both dormitories are under quarantine and lock down,” he said. “Employees who have tested positive have been sent home to recover. They won’t be permitted to return to work until they have met certain safety protocols, including being fever free.”

The sheriff said inmates are being tested for the virus if they show symptoms. Those who are positive for the virus are then quarantined and begin receiving treatment.