traffic light update

Barring weather delays, signals to be operational July 24-25

A section of County Farm Road at its intersection with U.S. Hwy. 84 is now open. Approximately 300 feet of the road was closed in late June for installation of a traffic signal at the intersection.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) initially announced the closure would run from Monday, June 24, until Tuesday, August 6, for the construction, with a short reprieve during the Independence Day holiday weekend, but roadwork was completed ahead of schedule.

DOT Communications Officer Jill Nagel confirmed Monday the next phase of the project will be installation of four signals, but that won’t require a full road closure.

Some lanes of travel may be closed alternately as the construction continues, Nagel says.

Weather permitting, DOT will begin setting poles for the signals Monday, July 15, and hope to turn the signals on July 24.

“It all depends on the weather, but they are looking at July 24 and 25 for turning them [the lights] on,” Nagel says. “At the end of the 25th they should be operational.”

Signals to be installed include:

• Continuous green arrows for both lanes of travel on Hwy. 84 east (towards Patterson)

• Left turn signal from Hwy. 84 east onto County Farm Road

• Two signals on Hwy. 84 west (towards Blackshear)

The intersection will also feature a deceleration, right turn lane from Hwy. 84 west onto County Farm Road.