tornado report

Not a depiction of the tornado spotted over Bristol/Mershon last week. - Stock photo

A small tornado (F-0) rolled over Bristol and Mershon Thursday at approximately 1:45 p.m. but never touched the ground.

The National Weather Service confirmed the cloud rotation observed by locals was indeed a tornado with 75 mile per hour winds.

The tornado and high winds took out a few trees on June Road and Radio Station Rd., but no other damage or injuries have been reported.

Pierce County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) Deputy Director Chuck Yeargin reported seeing a rotation of clouds moving west to east across a field. Two other sightings of the same formation were reported to Pierce County EMA.

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An F-0 tornado is the weakest tornado on the Fujita Scale with wind speeds typically less than 73 mph. Damage from an F-0 tornado is usually described as light.