Shop Small

Michelle Davis of Michelle’s on Main assists Michaela Stone with a pair of Heydude® shoes. Shoppers frequented small businesses in town last weekend to catch a good deal and kick off their holiday shopping.

The Christmas shopping season kicked off Thanksgiving weekend with several stores reporting steady sales — even in the midst of health and economic worries brought on by the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.

Customers — some with and some without face coverings – were seen milling about local stores and shops for Black Friday and Shop Small Saturday.

Michelle’s on Main had foot traffic in and out throughout the day Friday.

“We have been really busy all day and our sales are really good,” said owner Michelle Davis.

Davis said Heydude® and women’s shoes and clothing were the top items customers bought during the day.

Claire Larson at 84 West said sales exceeded her expectations, especially with all the uncertainty over the virus.

“It is steady and I was pleasantly surprised by that,” she said. “I was afraid our sales might not have been as good as previous years in light of how 2020 has been.”

Larson said she had spread out sales over the weekend — even extending it to Wednesday — the day before Thanksgiving.

Shoes, sweaters and Pierce County gear were among the top sellers at 84 West.

Next door at Merle Norman, owner Betsy Davis reported slightly lower turnout for Black Friday.

“We have been steady, but it is not as busy as past years,” she said.

Davis said a popular lip pencil was her top selling item.

Over in Patterson, The Barnard Company’s Mary Claire Boatright reported Christmas decor and Charcuterie® boards were the biggest sellers.

“We have certainly been as busy as we have been in previous years,” she said.

 Farmers and Builders reported brisk sales both Good Friday and Shop Small Saturday.

“We had lots of traffic in and out of the store both days,” said Matt Cochran, co-owner of the store. “We really appreciate our customers and out-of-town visitors. We thank everyone for shopping local. That means a lot to us. We hope everyone will continue to do that.”

Cochran said popular items were grills and cooking items.

“Sales were brisk and the gift shop was busy all day,” he said.

Corner Market Antiques and Furniture was one of the only local stores open Thanksgiving Day as well as Black Friday and Shop Small Saturday.

Scottie Johnson, new owner of the store, said all three days were great.

“I barely had any time to sit down at all during the three days. We were busy the whole time,” he said. “We had a tremendous response. The turnout from our customers  was overwhelming and we thank them for shopping with us.”

Johnson said most shoppers at Corner Market were looking for Christmas decor and furniture throughout the holiday weekend.