Tyre Bridge Road now has a five-way stop, but the speeding continues.

Vanessa James came before the council to ask once again that something be done about speeders.

“We have a five-way stop, but the safety hazard still exists,” said James. “What is going to be done about the speeding?”

Patterson City Council voted unanimously last month to implement the five-way stop at the intersections of Tyre Bridge Road, Peach Avenue and Lucas Street.

The city implemented the five-way stop as a result of multiple citizens requesting multiple times the council do something to slow down speeders in the area.

James and several other residents of the area, including Ala Mae Myles, Minnie McBride and Pamela Foster have addressed the council for the past several months asking for the five-way stop or some other action to stop speeders in the area.

Mayor Dedi Thomas told James the city would look into the issue.

James was not satisfied with that answer.

Councilman David Smith started to respond to James but Thomas cut him off.

“What are you going to look into? What are you going to do? I would like Mr. Smith to speak. It’s not even on the agenda and we keep coming up here and nothing gets done. You ran unopposed so you’ve got four more years,” James said.

James pointed out to the Mayor that even he said at last month’s meeting when it was approved that he didn’t think the five-way stop would help.

James has previously suggested the Patterson Police Department enforce speed limits in the area. She said if citations were issued, people would get the message they need to slow down.