Smiley Street

A pair of hearings will be held next month to receive input on the closing of Smiley Street located in the Patterson area.

A pair of public hearings will be held next month about the proposed closing of Smiley Street between Georgia Highway 32 and Tyre Bridge Road in Patterson.

A public notice began running this week on the first public hearing to be held at 5:45 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 5. The meeting will be held at the Southeast Georgia Regional Agriculture Center (SEGARAC), 705 College Avenue, Blacskshear. The hearing will be held just prior to the county commission meeting on the unincorporated portion of the road between Georgia Highway 32 and Lucas Street Extension.

An additional public hearing will be held Thursday, October 14, by the City of Patterson for the portion of the road that lies within the city limits. The portion of the road inside Patterson runs between Lucas Street Extension and Tyre Bridge Road.

J&J West Family LLC has requested the road be closed. Jan Saunds, agent for the J&J West Family, made the request on behalf of the four individuals who make up the LLC.

Saunds says there are no houses on the road and the road divides the farm land there. J&J West Family LLC owns the tracts on both sides of the road.