recall petition

Councilman Shawn Godwin

A petition calling for the recall of Blackshear Councilman Shawn Godwin (District Five) has been submitted to the Pierce County Board of Elections for certification.
Elections Superintendent Leah Ritch told The Times she received the petition Friday, September 11. She has 30 days to certify the 98 signatures on the petition.
Ritch verified Komanecky’s application for the petition for recall Tuesday, August 11, within the five day time frame provided to the election’s office per state law. Thirty signatures were required to verify the application and for Ritch to issue a petition. 
Komanecky was then given 30 days from the petition date of issue to obtain a minimum of 89 signatures  — 30 percent of the registered voters living in Godwin’s district – on the petition for recall election. She exceeded that number by nine names.
Petitioners must live in District Five and be registered to vote in that district in order to sign the petition.
Komanecky reportedly gathered most of the signatures over a six-day period, soliciting signatures 2-3 hours per day. Komanecky reportedly gathered nearly 80 of the signatures personally.
Three of the sponsors for her recall application also assisted in gathering signatures. Any sponsors of Komanecky’s petition for recall application have the right to solicit signatures.
“I am grateful for the assistance of many sponsors from the recall application that assisted in acquiring the signatures we needed for the recall petition,” Komanecky says. “Regardless of the outcome, it was such a rewarding experience to be part of this democratic process and to engage with so many individuals within our community.  Blackshear is an incredible town and I am blessed to be able to call it home.”
What happens next?
After a recall petition is certified, the elections superintendent has 10 days to call an election for recall. Should Godwin be recalled from office by a majority vote of District Five residents, Ritch will then be tasked with calling a special election to fill his vacated seat.
The City of Blackshear would be solely responsible for all costs associated with holding both elections, including the mandated three weeks of early voting for both the recall and special election should the process proceed that far.
Ritch may also consider a paper ballot for the recall and/or special election which could potentially reduce costs, but poll workers would have to be paid for as much as six weeks of early voting and two Election Days.
Godwin took office in January 2020 to serve his first term in his own right. Godwin was previously filling the unexpired term of longtime Councilman Jerry Dixon who died in office in 2019. Godwin took office in August 2019 after qualifying unopposed in a July special election. He was challenged in November 2019 by Jeffrey Parr, but won the election to serve his first full term starting in 2020.