Casey Peacock and Dabid Mendoza have been seeing double — twice over the last two years – but it’s a good thing. 
The Blackshear couple welcomed their second, yes their second, set of twins about two months ago. 
They now have a perfect set, two girls, Hailey and Lainey, to go with their two boys, Alex and Baxley. 
The two sets of twins join two “big” sisters, Araceli Peacock, 5, and Natalie Saucedo, 3, Peacock’s daughters from an earlier relationship. 
“We are blessed,” said Peacock. “We wouldn’t trade any of our blessings for anything in this world.”
Peacock and Mendoza are engaged and will be married this Saturday, October 17. 
“It is just always a whirlwind of activity at our house,” said Peacock. “Our neighbors think that we have a bounce house, because it does seem that way. We are always in motion.”
The couple were engaged when their first set of twins were born. 
Mendoza works with Union Local 256 and had been working a shutdown at the time the boys were born. While Peacock experienced a normal pregnancy, the twins came early. Despite valiant efforts to contact him, Mendoza was at work and was not able to get to the hospital before the boys were born. 
The couple’s first set of twins were not quite two when they found out they were expecting twins for the second time. 
“We were like, o.k., thank the Lord for two more,” Peacock said. 
Mendoza was determined to stay with his fiancè during the births of their daughters. Casey was hospitalized due to blood pressure issues, but with assurances the delivery was not eminent, Mendoza went back to work.
“He had just gotten back to work when I had the girls,” Peacock said. “There is just something about us and 31 weeks!”
The couple say they were surprised by one set of twins, let alone two. Between both sides of the family, there is only one set of twins on Casey’s father’s side.  
The couple credit nature and the good Lord for giving them all four babies. 
“We were not doing in vitro (fertilization treatments) or anything like that,” she said. “We just were favored by God to be the parents of two sets of twins.”
Peacock says their household is always busy and they are extremely thankful for friends and family who have stepped up and gathered around them to lend a helping hand.
“It really does take a village to raise a child — and in our case six children,” she said. 
Peacock’s mother is Jerri O’Neal and her step-father is the late Nathan O’Neal. Her father is Charlie Peacock Sr.
She has a sister, Amanda Murray and a brother, Charlie Peacock Jr. Her grandparents are the late Jeanette Herndon and Debra Crawford. Mendoza’s parents are Gonzalo and Jesus Mendosa.
“We are so thankful for our families,” said Peacock. “They have been great to help us out. Generally, there is always a baby who needs holding or who needs checking on and we appreciate all they do for us.”
Peacock and Mendoza say staying on a schedule is next to impossible, but the organized chaos helps them get through each day. 
Mendoza heads off to work early — sometimes working up to 7-12 hour days — to earn a living and care for his growing family. Peacock makes sure the oldest daughters get to school and day care and then turns her attention to Alex and Baxley, Hailey and Lainey. 
“There are crazy days and nothing is routine around here. Sometimes I just go and cry and compose myself and then I go right back to taking care of them. I don’t sleep much. I am always cooking, cleaning and seeing about the children, but I am not complaining. Dabid and I made a commitment to the Lord to raise them in the nurture and admonition of the Lord and that the Lord will take care of us and provide for us. We pray a lot. The Lord will see us through.”
Peacock believes the Lord gave her the twins times two as a second chance to change her life. 
“When my first daughter was born, I was living a life I should not have been. The Lord caused me to see that and I knew then that I was in a place I didn’t want to be,” she said. “I am four years sober now and I turned my life over to God. These kids are my number one priority and my reason for living.”