flag program

Rotarians Dr. Brent Waters, holding the flag, and Bobby Tippins plant an American flag in front of Georgia Physicians South in Blackshear for the Rotary Club flag program.

Would you like to put out an American flag at your home or perhaps in front of your business, but don’t know where to start?

The Rotary Club can help.

Blackshear Rotary Club will partner with three high school clubs next month to sell subscriptions for Rotary’s flag program.

Locals can rent a flag or sponsor one in the downtown area for $35 a year or $60 for two years.

The Rotary flag program is a no hassle way for locals to show their patriotism.

Rotary members put out the flags around town four times a year surrounding national holidays like Independence Day, Presidents Day, MLK Day and Memorial Day. They come back to take the flags down and replace flags as needed.

“People don’t have to worry about it ... if we see a flag that needs repair we’ll go get it and put a new one up,” says Angel Knowlton, Rotary Club member. “We come put up the flag and take it down.”

Money raised from the program supports local, national and international Rotary Club projects.

The Club is looking to expand the reach of the flag program by partnering with the Family Career and Community Leaders of America, Health Occupation Students of America and Future Business Leaders of America clubs at Pierce County High School this month. Those club members will be out selling flag subscriptions Saturday, September 7, and Saturday, September 14, in Blackshear neighborhoods.

“We want to reach out to people who haven’t participated or perhaps have in the past and forgotten,” Knowlton says.

Flags sold during the sales blitz next month will also aid those high school club’s fundraising efforts – they’ll receive $10 for each flag sold.

Flags will be up around town during the sales blitz next month so residents already participating in the program need not worry about getting asked to sponsor again.

“It’ll be easy for the kids to see ‘hey they already have a flag’,” Knowlton says.

And, there’s no need to have cash on hand when high schoolers come knocking. They’ll just be taking orders. The Rotary Club will bill participants for their flags after the blitz.

The clubs will be looking to expand the program’s reach beyond Main Street and College Ave. neighborhoods. Knowlton says they hope to at least reach Grady Street neighborhoods, homes around the city park, and the blocks surrounding Harborview Health Systems.

Don’t live in town but still want to participate?

Rotary will provide county residents with a flag and the ground fasteners for putting them out. Just return the flag to the Rotary Club once your subscription has expired.

Locals can also sponsor a flag on Main Street in honor or memory of someone.

“Anybody who wants a flag can get one,” Knowlton says.

For more information about the Rotary flag program, contact Frank Tanner at 912-614-0505.