Pierce County Road Department will have a citizen input day every Wednesday.

New county road superintendent Bruce Carter announced the new citizen feedback feature as he was introduced to commissioners at last week’s county commission meeting.

“I will have time set aside on Wednesday to return calls and meet with anyone who wants to talk to me about a road issue or road project,” Carter said.

Carter was hired for the job last month.

He formerly worked for the Georgia Department of Corrections and has extensive certifications in construction and engineering.

The Wednesday citizen input times would be by appointment and can be made by calling the road department at 449-2030.

Fourth district commissioner David Lowman approved of the idea.

“I am just happy to have someone who will answer the phone and respond to calls in the department,” he said.

Carter updated commissioners on various items he had identified during a review of the department and changes he would like to make.

“One of our biggest problems is culvert pipes not being installed or being too small for the volume of water and ditches not being cleaned out regularly,” he said.  

Carter will implement road crews and supervisors over various details in the department who will report to him.

Commissioners also approved several items for the road department during the meeting.

Among them, the board approved the purchase of two Massey Ferguson tractors with a 22 ft boom mower and 50-inch rotary cut.

The cost for the first tractor is $208,444 to be paid from Pierce County’s 2022  special local option sales tax (SPLOST) funds.

The other tractor is $222,018 and will be paid for from Transportation Investment Act (TIA) discretionary funds.

The tractors and mowers will be used to mow the county’s rights-of-way.

The commission also approved buying a Brown eight foot offset harrow for mixing soils on the county’s dirt roads to help with drainage. The harrow is a demo model and was purchased from Altamaha of Baxley at a cost of $4,500. The money will come from regional transportation special local option sales tax (TSPLOST) funds.

The board approved the purchase of 904 tons of 57 stone for $40,000. The funds will come from the TSPLOST discretionary fund. The amount is the equivalent of eight rail cars and will be used as a base for the installation of culvert pipes. The county will haul the stone to the department by dump truck.

Commissioners also approved consolidating two part-time laborer positions into one full-time postion to allow for a third crew for pipe repacements.

The board also approved delcaring a 15,000-pound rotary lift as surplus and it will be advertised for public sale.

The lift was used for heavy equipment repairs, but has not been used since the county road department relocated to Carter Avenue.