Election Results

Republicans Brad Raffensperger and Chuck Eaton were Pierce County’s choices for secretary of state and public service commissioner in Tuesday’s rare general election run-off.

Pierce’s results mirrored the state’s Election Night report. Raffensperger won with 51.97 percent of the vote over Barrow’s 48.03 percent, and Eaton took the public service commission race with 51.83 percent of the vote to Miller’s 48.17 percent.

Raffensperger and Eaton both took over 90 percent of the vote here as Republicans continue their absolute domination of local politics.

Raffensperger outpolled Democrat John Barrow, 2,390 to 250, while Eaton trounced Democrat Lindy Miller 2,378-252.

Pierce County’s results were the third in the state to be completed Tuesday night. Counting was done by 7:45 p.m.

About 2,600 of the county’s 10,000 active registered voters turned out to cast ballots Tuesday. Turnout was about 26 percent, up from 14 percent in the July primary election run-off.