taxes due
Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash

The deadline to pay your taxes is fast approaching.

Tax Commissioner Terresa Davis reminds residents local property taxes are due Friday, December 20.

“We encourage everyone to pay their taxes,” says Davis. “We know it is near Christmas, but these dates are set by the state legislature, not the county or the tax commissioner.”

Tailored Business Systems (TBS) of Statesboro printed and mailed the approximately 12,000 bills for the county, cities and school board.

Millage rates for all but one of the local governments decreased slightly this year. The county was the only government to increase the millage rate. The county rate will be 16 mills, up from 15.351 mills last year. The school board’s rate decreased from 16.695 mills to 16.272 mills, Blackshear’s millage dropped from 11.976 mills to 11.719 mills and Patterson’s rate dropped slightly from 8.868 mills to 8.634 mills.

Davis reminds the public the tax office accepts debit and credit cards for property and motor vehicle taxes this year.

Davis says property tax payments can be made online  on the Tax Commissioner’s website at or by phone at 1-866-297-3105.

Vehicle tags can also be renewed online at: or through a link on the Tax Commissioner’s website.