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The Mischievous Elf

Once upon a time, there was a mischievous elf named Jingle. He did a lot of mischievous  pranks. One time, he replaced all the presents with coal. He replaced Santa’s toothpaste with glue. But the most mischievous thing he did was turn Santa’s coordinates to his sleigh through a snowstorm. Santa was injured badly and Jingle just laughed and laughed. Some elfs say that he does this because he has anger issues. Others say that he was hypnotized to be mischievous. But, I  think he does all this  because he lost his Christmas spirit.

When he was a child his parents took him to an elf orphanage because they did not have the time to give the care and love to their little elf. Nobody wanted to keep him. He was in the orphanage for 11 years. When he grew up he wanted to make everybody feel what he was feeling. Jingle was a bright and  jolly elf but when his parents left him his heart shattered into a million pieces. What I think he needs is a little love.

One day Jingle was about to steal all the elves underwear when he saw her. She was wearing a beautiful, reindeer skirt,  red leggings, black shoes, and a bright long sleeve shirt. Her name was Snowflake. He fell in love. He tried to help her carry the toys, feed the reindeer, and help Santa with the sleigh. Nothing worked but they became best friends. Every night and day he would think of her beautiful eyes that were as blue as the ocean, Her hair that was as long as Rapunzel, and her beautiful voice that sounded like birds singing.

On the day of Christmas Jingle got Snowflake a new hat. She adored it. Jingle asked her on a date and she said yes. They went to go see the Christmas parade. They fell in love. It was a Christmas Miracle! Jingle’s heart was as big as an elephant. He was so happy! He asked Snowflake what this feeling in his heart was that he felt. She said it was love. Jingle changed his mischievous ways and turned into a nice elf. In fact, he helped Santa deliver all the presents, gave all the elves their underwear back, and apologized to Santa for replacing his toothpaste with glue. He was the most jolly elf in the North Pole.           

The End

McKenzie King

Ashley Wicker’s homeroom

5th grade

The Best Christmas Ever!

It was christmas morning and I was so excited I woke up at 6:00 but I tried to go back to sleep but I was so thrilled I just could not so I got up out of bed and walked to my moms room. I woke her up and she told me I needed to get some more sleep today because it would be a very long day and we would make some memories. I was very confused about what she meant by making memories but I tried to go back to sleep. I woke up with no clue that I fell asleep but I heard kids outside screaming and having fun outside in the cold. I quickly got up and checked the time it was 7:34. I went to see if my mom and dad were still asleep and they were not in their room. So I ran in my sisters room and she was still asleep, I woke her up and we ran in the living room and mom and dad were sitting on the couch waiting with the window open I was very confused and I could tell my sister was to with the weird look on her face, We both ran to the widow and saw that it was snowing. We were so excited about snow! I couldn’t believe it was snowing. I looked at mom and dad and asked, Can we open the presents now?  We all sat down and started to look in our stockings. My sister was so elevated she got lip gloss, nail polish, candies and more. I opened my stocking and got some scrunchies, a little modeling clay kit, candies and more. My mom and dad got their favorite treats and some things they needed. Mom and dad told us to see what was in my dogs stocking. So we opened it up and she got some new toys and a few dog bones. Then, we all started to open presents. My sister was grinning ear to ear when she got a new baby doll and some new high heels she had to put them on right away. I was delighted to see a lot of slime supplies and craft kits that I had to open one right away. Then we all got ready in jackets and drove to mimi’s house right across the street. I got out of the car and threw a snowball at my sister and then she threw one at me and we had a battle. I won the first round but she one the last one.  We were then called inside, mimi made breakfast yum’. We had such a big variety. We had banana nut bread, bacon, eggs, sausage, and even more. After we ate we got to sit down and talk to our aunts and uncles and everyone else! It was so amazing. Then mimi announced that we were all going to open presents. So me and my sister started to pass out presents to everyone we then went in an order to open our presents. I had gotten a lot of cute room decor and some cute pig things. My sister got some cute room decor and a little jeep that she could drive around in. She loved it. We just spent time with family. We then started to head home and started to play with the toys that we got. It was that night when I laid down to go to bed when I was still wondering what my mom meant by making memories. It was 2 years later when one day I was on my moms phone when a memory popped up, so I looked at it and it was everything we did 2 years ago for Christmas all on a video and at that moment I realized what she meant by making memories.    

Harlow Ragsdale

Ashley Wicker’s homeroom

5th grade

One of my favorite Christmas memories was when it snowed, and I got to play in the snow with my nephew.  It was really fun because my nephew and I had a great time. We were  running around chasing each other while throwing snow at one another. It is a great memory because my nephew and I had never seen snow. So I was amazed when I saw it snowing because we rarely get snow where we live because it’s so hot here.  My nephew and I made a lot of snow angles and laughed a lot because we were filled with joy. We finally went inside and played with toy cars and his train that drove around a track that made a lot of sounds like a real train. The best thing about it was a smile never left his face. I thought it was so adorable and seeing him happy made me happy because I always have a great day when I see people happy, especially if it is my family members.

Christina Ridgon

Debby Lanier’s homeroom

5th grade

There was a girl named Violet, and her favorite holiday was Christmas. It was almost time for Christmas, and Violet had to decorate her Christmas tree. She and her mom went to the store to find some Christmas decorations for the tree. They were walking through the aisles until Violet stopped. She looked up at this one decorated with sparkles that shined as bright as the stars. She told her mother that she wanted that ornament . So her mom got it for her. Also, while they were at the store they bought the perfect star to put at the top of the Christmas tree. Violet’s dad said that he would go get the Christmas tree because it was too cold outside and he didn’t want Violet and her mom to get cold. So, Violet’s mom was in the living room watching her favorite tv show while Violet was making hot chocolate. A few minutes later, Violet’s dad got back and was pulling a big Christmas tree into the house with a friend of his that was helping him. The tree was big, beautiful, and the best Christmas tree she had ever seen. She yelled with excitement. Her mom got off of the couch and helped dad put the tree up correctly because her dad had no idea how to put it up. They decorated their Christmas tree. It was the most beautiful thing the family had ever seen. They put some cookies and milk out for Santa. It was time for bed, so Violet got ready. She leaped in her bed and her mom and her dad both sat on Violet’s bed. They read her a Christmas story, and Violet fell right asleep.

Violet woke up because she heard a sound. It was like someone with big boots was walking in their house. Violet was scared but went downstairs and saw Santa Claus putting presents under the Christmas tree. Santa turned around and was startled. Violet screamed with happiness. Santa told Violet to quiet down. He told her that the cookies they baked were the best thing ever. Then he had to go on his journey. He told Violet to continue to be good and that she had a big surprise waiting for her. He had to leave so Violet went back to her room and went to sleep with a big smile on her face.

It was morning and Violet was the first one to get up. She brushed her teeth, washed her face, and raced to her parents room. She jumped on the bed and said that they need to wake up because it’s Christmas. They got up and went downstairs to watch Violet open her presents. She opened all the presents and she loved them. But she saw one more present. So she opened it, and saw it was a soccer ball. She had wanted that for a long time. She was the happiest girl ever.

Kristin Clark

Debby Lanier’s homeroom

5th grade

One foggy night in December, a little reindeer was born. It was really busy during this time due to the elves getting ready for Christmas which was only a few weeks away. Though times were busy, one elf was willing to stop making toys and help Mrs. Claus with the little reindeer.

A few days passed and Mrs. Claus finally thought of a name. “I’ve got it,” Mrs. Clause said in excitement

“What? What do you have?” asked the elf.

“A name. A name for the reindeer,” Mrs. Claus said.

“Really? What is it?” asked the elf.

“Elliot,” Mrs. Claus said softly rocking the little reindeer.

Finally Christmas came and Santa came out of his workshop. When he came out, the reindeer crowded around one of the stables. When he squeezed through, he saw Mrs. Claus rocking Elliot to sleep.

“This is Elliot,” Mrs. Claus said.

When it was time for Santa to leave, little Elliot hopped into Santa’s sleigh.

“Hey, would you like to come, little Elliot?” Santa asked.

Elliot nodded his head and danced around in the sleigh.

“I guess that’s a yes.” Santa said. As Santa took off, little Elliot buried himself in Santa’s bag of presents.

“It’s okay Elliot. You can come out now.” Hours passed and little Elliot was having the time of his life. Finally it was time for the last house.

“Well that was the last house,” Santa said as he came out of the chimney. As Santa took off he realized Elliot wasn’t where he was when Santa went through the chimney. Elliot was flying with the other reindeer. That’s when Santa realized that his magical cookie drawer was open.

“Elliot,” Santa said after whistling. Elliot dashed through the air and into Santa’s sleigh. Soon the sun started to rise.

“Go Comet, go Cupid, go Donner and Dasher and Blitzen.” Santa said when he realized the sun was rising. Elliot had enjoyed every minute.

Miyoko Lee

Debby Lanier’s homeroom

5th grade


 “The Best Christmas Morning”

One morning I got up, and I went down stairs. I saw our beautiful tree with lots of presents. After I saw all the presents up under the Christmas tree, I rushed upstairs and told my mom, dad, and brothers and sisters that Santa brought us presents. As soon as we all got up, we rushed downstairs to open the presents, but the first thing we checked was if Santa drank all the milk and ate all the cookies. After that, as we all went to the Christmas tree, I told my brothers and sisters I really hope I got what I wanted for Christmas. They also replied the same thing. As I opened the first present, I saw the box saying a drone. When my brother opened his present, he said a toothbrush and he replied back, “This next present better be good.”

After we all got done opening the presents, there was the biggest present I ever saw. When my mom said it’s for me, I opened the present. I saw the best thing of my life: it was the thing i’ve been wanting all year! I pulled it out of its box and said, “It’s the PS5!”

My brothers said, “It’s not fair.” They both said, “Are you going to share it with us?” and I said, “Nope. It’s all mine and y’all ain’t going to tear it up like you did my other playstation 4.”

I told my mom, “I love you so much!”

She replied, “I love you more,” and that’s when we all agreed to go and have some breakfast.

Zayden Council

Tammy Jeffords’ homeroom

5th grade

I am rudely awoken by the sound of my alarm clock. Beep! Beep! Beep! I quickly get out of bed and skip down stairs. Once I get to the bottom of the staircase I notice all the wrapped boxes and music playing.

“ Good morning sweetheart,” my mother says cheerfully.

“ Good morning, what is that smell?”

“ Well, why don’t you go check it out,” mother says moving out of the way.

As I enter the kitchen I see a gingerbread house, cookies fresh out of the oven and hot coco.

I ran to my mother and asked, “ Can I open a present?”

“ Not right now, it would not be fair to the other kids,” she says sweetly.

I frown as I forgot my cousins were coming. They were so mean to me. They would always brag about how their christmas presents are better then mine.

I quickly shake it off  tho because it is christmas. Christmas is a time to be happy.

A few hours later the rest of the food is finished. I hear mom talking to someone so I run down stairs. I notice everyone is here. So I hug everyone, after a while of talking we decide we should probably eat.

Once everyone is finished eating we go into our living room to open our presents. I start with my biggest one. I got a pink bicycle.

When we start to get up to go play with our new toys I notice six boxes behind the tree.

“ Mom, what are these?” I question.

“ What is what?” She says walking over to me. “ Oh dear I almost forgot. “ She says as she hands us them.

I notice that I have the smallest one. I frown as my cousins chuckle. When we open them I see I have a super pretty necklace and they have socks and shorts in their boxes. They gasp.

After everyone leaves I go up to my room to put up everything. As I put everything up I think how I thought my present was going to be horrible because it was small. That day taught me a valuable lesson. That is to never judge a book by its cover.

Karsyn Dodd

Tammy Jeffords’ homeroom

5th grade

 Christmas morning! I was so excited as I ran to my sister’s room. I screamed, “ SAGE, WAKE UP! IT’S CHRISTMAS MORNING!”

“Ahh! You scared me I was feeding my pet hamster,” Sage said.

“Well… now that you’re also up let’s go wake up mom and dad,” said Sage.

We went downstairs and went to mom and dad’s room and snuck in.

“They’re still sleeping, let’s get them.”

“1..2...3 GET THEM!”

We went on their bed and jumped up and down until they finally woke up and we yelled, “Merry Christmas!”

Mom said, “Aww… how sweet, now let’s go open some presents!”

As we walked, I saw the biggest present ever!”

“To: Sophia….From: Santa.”

I couldn’t believe my eyes. My present is actually to me from Santa. I decided to open my smaller ones first, then open the one from Santa last.

“Yayy auntie Rane is the best. She got me the best new Barbie ever!” I said.

“Oh… I guess that was the last present, now I will open the present from Santa.” I said with excitement.  As I unwrapped the present I wondered, “What am I going to get?” “Woww!! I got a bike!!” I said. “Now I’m going to go ride it! Bye mom and dad!” I said excitedly.

Sophia Sharpe

Amanda Moody’s homeroom

5th grade

My favorite Christmas memory is when it snowed for the first time in forever. It has probably snowed before, but it has only snowed once for me. That was the specialist time of my life on Christmas day that was a great time. We could not believe it when we saw it snowing when we got our jackets on and. headed straight for the snow so did my sister. We had a snowball fight, we built a snowman, it was the greatest time of our littell lives. The next day we were sad most of the snow was gone. I had a lot of new toys to play with and my baby brother was born. We played with him when he got home. It was the greatest time ever.

~Kamden Rockette

3rd Grade- Mrs. Page

Dear Santa,

My name is Karlee Anderson. My favorite holiday is Christmas not because of the presents but because of Jesus’s birthday. Santa, what I all I want for christmas is to have the happiest family ever. I always wanted to have one more thing and that is to hold my new baby brother. Please.

One day, there was a girl named Maya, she was only 6 years old. They were celebrating Christmas at their house happily and they wanted to celebrate Christmas at their house because it would be peaceful and there would be no racket or anything, plus they didn’t wanna go out!

Once every year on Christmas Eve Maya and her sister open up one present under the Christmas tree. But then the next day when it was night time they opened all of the presents! Maya got everything she wanted and her sister got the things she wanted too!

Maya’s sister’s name was Sophia, she was Maya’s older sister, she looked out for her, and she was technically Maya’s guardian when they went out and their parents left them alone all by themselves! So then, Maya and Sophia loved each other and cared for each other.

Throughout Christmas season, the girls loved playing with the things they got for Christmas, but some of the things were loved… and then gone.. Like for example, probably my cashier toy, and things like that! It was sad to see it go, but things like that you can’t just hold on to forever.

Also, I have two Christmas wishes for this year, a friend and a family whom I can have forever!

Maya and Sopia though, were very caring but fought a LOT! If there was one thing they deserved, it would be each other! Maya and Sophia’s family also donated money to homeless people every year!

***Christmas Wish List***


-Paint (Brand: Apple Barrel)


-Bath & Body Works Shower Gel

-LED Lights

-Christmas Decorations (For My Room)

-Black Sharpies


Maya Thai

4th Grade

Midway Elementary



It was Christmas Eve when I was getting ready for Christmas. Then that night I woke up in the middle of the night. I heard a noise, and I started to walk closer and closer.

I did not know what it was, so I was going to go to my mom and dad’s room. But, I was going to do it myself.

It was a little sketchy, but I kept on going. I was thinking it was Santa, or my Elf Seth. I really hope its Santa. Then I heard another sound then I knew it was Santa, and I ran back to my room. All I hoped that Santa did not see me. That was a little frightening, and when I woke up my presents were there.


4th Grade

Midway Elementary


A Wonderful Christmas

It was the Christmas of 2020 in a beautiful house all lit up.  But the food was not ready yet but I am sure mommy was going to get it done. I could already tell it was going to be a good Christmas.

Anyway my brother and his wife and my nephew were coming for Christmas. But on their way their car broke down  but somebody helped them.   They were here and I was excited because I don’t get to see them a lot.  It was time to open presents and I was ready. When we got done it was a huge mess. It was me and my brother’s job to do that because we made most of the mess. It was fine; it was just a little mess.  My nephew was smiling and he was so cute it was the best Christmas ever.   

Everyone was very happy and it was a perfect Christmas

And I hope you have a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Lilly Reeves

4th Grade

Midway Elementary



What Christmas Means to Me

Every year me and my family would watch a movie at Christmas Eve. It is a tradition too. When we watch the movie, we always have hot chocolate and popcorn. I just like that me and my family can spend time together as a family.

Also some of my favorite things about Christmas is giving and caring for people. It’s the loving and caring that makes me happy not the gifts; that’s not what Christmas is about. Christmas is about loving and caring for the people you love and more. How would you like to spend your Christmas?

Also find someone that doesn’t get Christmas. Give them some holiday cheer because it’s time for Christmas. Make sure that you have a good Christmas to have fun doing your favorite traditions and having a good time with your family. Make sure to cherish your memories. Have a great Christmas every body.

Jared Watson

4th Grade

Midway Elementary


My Christmas Traditions

Merry Christmas everyone my name is Kadence Hale today I will tell you about my Christmas traditions. So on Christmas morning there is a Christmas pickle not a real pickle, but it’s a plastic pickle. Whoever finds it in the tree will get to open the first present. I got it last year so I got to open the first present. I don’t know who got it the year before last, but I think it was my mom or dad.

Now I’m going to talk about my Christmas traditions. So on Christmas morning mainly we have Christmas breakfast, but not any Christmas breakfast. We have sweets for dessert, but for the real breakfast we have sausage and biscuits with vanilla ice cream. Then after that when it turns night we go see Christmas lights at Okefenokee Swamp Park ,it is so beautiful!!!!!!!I went there Saturday and I saw the manger scene on the water. Well it was more like an island on water, but still so cool. My elf Ralphie is quarantine in a cake holder that is glass. My friend’s elves are also quarantine she showed me a picture of them in a box with plastic wrap on top.

So that was my Christmas traditions, and what we do on Christmas break. School is starting on January 6th and my birthday is on the 12th.So I hope you enjoyed listening to my Christmas traditions.


Kadence Hale

4th Grade

Midway Elementary


There are four kids Zachary, Jared, Issac and Kendell. They are best friends; they have sleepovers at Kendell’s house. One night Kendell heard something that scared him. He woke up everyone, so they all go check. They see something move. “ It can’t be him,” said Isaac. Jared said irritated “Yes it is now can we go back to bed now?” No we have to find out if that is Santa! “Let’s go get ready,” said Kendell. The four kids got ready to go look for Santa.

When they were done getting ready, they saw that there were amazing presents under the tree and the cookies were eaten. Off they went to see if that was Santa. Kendell is the leader of the group. He is always in front “There he is!” said Issac. They follow him, and then he teleports “That’s the real Santa Claus” said Kendell. “Hey Santa!” Santa stopped “hi kids” Santa said. “What Santa is talking to me?” said Zachary. “Yes,” said Jared. “You kids better get back to bed, and never tell anyone you saw me!” But Zachary had an idea. Zachary said, “But if we tell people we can get money” “Don’t tell anyone you saw!”

Ok, kids?” We all said, “Yes sir.” Santa gave Isaac a PS5, he gave Jared a beyblade, Zachary wanted a family, so Santa got him it. Kendell got a Nintendo Switch. They gave Santa a big big big big big big big big big big hug that he could not breathe.  


Kendell Lee

4th Grade

 Midway Elementary


Dear Santa,

I’m super excited for Christmas! This year I have been really good. There are a couple of things I would like for Christmas. I want an American Girl doll, art set, and a tablet. I do my chores and keep my room clean to earn this. Oh and on Christmas this year we’re going to see Christmas lights. I’m so excited about this and so are my brother and sister. But I wonder what our elf will do when we leave?

Love, Adelyn Cox

 Dear Santa,

I think I’m on the nice list because I’m a good boy. I do the dishes every day. I also helped my mom decorate the Christmas tree. This year I I helped my mom and dad a lot! I would like an Xbox 360 and an iPad. I want these things because they have fun games to play. Hope you have a safe trip!

Love, Conner Dixon

Dear Santa,

I’m so ready for the special day to come for your sleigh to land on everybody’s chimney. Then you will get to go through the chimney to the bottom. Finally you go to the Christmas tree and put all the Christmas presents under the tree. I want a few things this year. I can’t tell you all of them, but I’ll tell you three. The first one I want is a playhouse. The other two presents are some clothes and LOL doll. I want the playhouse because it will give me my own space. The LOL doll is important because I collect them. More clothes would be nice since I’m growing fast. I always do what my mom and dad say. Also I complete all my chores! I hope you can hook me up Santa!

Love, Allee Ruger

Dear Santa,

I am ready for Christmas. This year I have helped my mom a lot. I’ve been good, my elf will even say I’ve been good! There are three things I want for Christmas. Could I have a monster truck, Pokémon cards, and a Poke ball? I would share them with my friends. I hope you have a good Christmas!

Love, Grayson Newman

Gentry Stokes

I like brown reindeers. I like to make hot chocolate that is brown. I have a green Christmas tree. Red and green are one of my favorite colors. I like the golden star that goes on the green christmas tree. I like the Christmas song called Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. I like it when the elf comes to my house and it moves to different places every night. My elf is named Elfy. Elfy’s suit is red like santa. My favorite reindeer is Rudolph.I wish I could go to the north pole.

It is cold in the north pole. I wish I could go see some reindeer.

Aubrey Guy

One day on Christmas I woke up and my green Christmas tree had lots of presents under it . First I saw what’s in my red stocking. Next I opened all my presents. Then I drank hot chocolate out of my pink mug. Then I ate my breakfast .Then I played with my new stuff that I got for Christmas and my red elf was gone. In my stocking I had lots of candy. Santa wrapped my  presents with Jojo Siwa wrapping paper. But he doesn’t always give you everything you want. One thing I got was a Jojo coloring book

Ava Bryson

My favorite memory is when my family drinks hot cocoa. The hot coco is delicious! Me and my brother run really fast to the tree and back to drink hot coco. Me and my whole family went to get a Christmas tree and it was beautiful. This year in 2020 we are doing my whole family together and gather around a huge Christmas tree and sing.We are going to sing red off the red nosed reindeer. And then we play a game. The game is called, well i kind of forget sorry. And the Christmas tree was VERY VERY tall and pokey and we got new ornaments for the Christmas tree.

Dear Santa

Thank you for my electric scooter. I hope you enjoyed the cookies. For Christmas I would like a remote control car because my other one got thrown away because it had spider webs on it. Another thing I want is a Barbie van because I got a Barbie boat. I think daddy would like a blanket.Thank you and merry Christmas.

Sincerely, Riley Poppell

Dear Santa,

Thank you for my present last Christmas.  I hope you enjoyed the cookies.  For Christmas I would like a ps5 and a xBox because I like to play Games.  I think Dow would like a sword. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

Sincerely, Hunter Youmans

Dear Santa,

Thank you for my watch. I hope you enjoyed the cookies last year. For Christmas I would like to pair of waders  and a camo jacket because I need them for duck hunting. I will be cold.  I think my sister needs a tub for her princess stuff. Thank you and merry Christmas.

Sincerely, Ryder Thrift


By Yasmeen Yasiji

My best Christmas ever was when my Grandmother invited everyone to bake cookies.  She invited  Carter, Ms.Honey, Mrs. Erin, Mr. Aaron, and Aunt Susan. I loved that memory because I got to spend time with everyone, and see people I haven’t seen in a long time. And, that My Friend Is My BEST Christmas MEMORY EVER.   

My BEST Christmas MEMORY

By Asher Strickland

It was on Christmas Eve. My family was at my Nana’s house and my cousins and I were outside playing. While outside, I heard slay bells. Then I looked up, and I saw a little bit of red. Later that night, as I was sleeping,  I heard boot footsteps in the living room. I wanted to wake up, but I couldn’t. It was like my body wasn’t letting me wake up. So, I just waited until morning knowing I would open presents soon. That is my best Christmas memory. 

My Favorite Christmas Memories

by Kerrigan Barclift

One of my favorite memories is every day in December my siblings and I  eat a piece of chocolate every morning or night.  Another memory is when  one Friday night we went to Asheville, North Carolina.  It was SNOWING!    We had so much fun playing in the snow.   We made a snow man and we had snow that was dumped  on our heads.  We had so much fun!

A different memory is my family  and part of my mama’s side of the family, on Christmas Eve eat, drink, huddle up,  and sing Christmas songs. Some songs we sing are Away in the Manger, Jingle Bells,and The First Day of Christmas.    

An additional memory is decorating the Christmas tree and  opening presents.    Some things I remember  I’ve gotten are a giant stuffed unicorn, a Jojo Siwa Barbie doll, and a huge cheese mat.   Another favorite memory is when  my siblings and I  wake up so early and jump on the bed saying ”IT’S CHRISTMAS DAY!!!

I wanted to save the best memory for the last and that is when my daddy or mamma puts the important star on the Christmas tree .  That star always reminds me of Jesus when he was born in the manger.   Remember to be good at Christmas time.


My Favorite Christmas Memories

by Uriah Hendrix

One Christmas memory I have is when my aunt and her dog arrived at my house but one of our cats was gone. After three days we found her on top of our fridge!!!

Another Christmas memory I have is when I went on a plane and for some reason I wasn’t scared at first when I looked out the window but when the plane went up A LOT  I was scared!

Another memory I have on Christmas is when I got a Nintendo 3ds and I started playing it. Soon I got a game called Star Wars battles. Another favorite memory I  have is when I  woke up and my mom called me down and wanted  me to bake with her. I did and  we made cupcakes. After that I remember we set up our Christmas tree and decorated it and put ornaments on it and we had fun. After that we played  a good game of Uno and my mom won. That year when it was finally December 25th, I woke up out of my bed and I rushed out of my room. There were presents, but I had to wait for my family because I usually am  the first one up and after that we all opened the presents!

Christmas memories

Caleb Abdullah

One of my best christmas is when I got a hoverboard and a ps4. And my grandparents came to my house and gave me 5 dollars.

Favorite Christmas Memory

Bryce Chancey

Last year on Christmas my nana and my family made up riddles and hid my presents and I had to find them. Sometimes it is difficult to find them and sometimes it is easy to find them but I  always end up finding them. Last year I got  a pogo stick for Christmas and I was going to open it but I had to find my other presents. Then I saw Santa bring in my bike but I didn’t  really see him. I just saw his red and I acted like I was asleep so he would come. Then I finally fell asleep and the next morning I woke up early and we started finding presents and then I found one and it was a watch!

Hi Santa,

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How have you been doing this year! I have been doing a lot this year.  Yesterday for Kensington for her birthday we went to get a Christmas tree and we gotta Carolina Sapphire tree. It smells soooo good! Oh yeah when will my elves come again? And how have your reindeer done this year too?  Ooh yeah what I want for Christmas is a Hoverboard. I have not decided what else I want for Christmas and thank you for my toys last year! They were awesome! By the way Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas,

    Cohen Merritt

Dear Santa,

I think I have been very good this year. I read Maren books,I help her with her counting and I help with her colors. I also help her with knowing what things are called like bananas, milk, pizza, eggs and lettuce. How have the reindeer  been doing? How are the elves? For Christmas, I want an Ipad.  Thank you for giving me a trampoline last year! I’ve had a lot of fun on it.


Julianna Murray

P.S. say hello to Mrs. Clause for me.

Dear Santa,

How have you been doing? I am doing pretty well. Santa, I have a few questions for you. Question one how do you get in the chimney if there is a fire? Question two how is your family doing and are the other reindeer still being mean to Rudolph about his shiny red nose? Question three what does Mrs.Claus cook for your family? One thing I want for Christmas is another snuggle buddy.  Thank you for bringing all the kids presents.


Griff Boyett

My Favorite Christmas Memory

Jackson Ferrell

Three years ago, in 2017 my cousin Cohen Merrit came from Washington state for Christmas. To you it’s just a regular visit, but to me it was a dream come true because I hadn’t seen him in a year. Last time I saw him it was Christmas 2016 so I was excited to see him in 2017. He had to fly (in a plane) all the way to the other side of the United States of America just to see me and some family! He also came in 2018 and decided to stay in Georgia, state of the peaches and home of the dogs!  Now we get to spend Christmas 2020 with him. My favorite Christmas 2017.

Christmas Memories

Madison Love

One of my favorite Christmas memories is spending time with family and friends and singing Christmas cereals. Also ones my sisters friends family got us more presents and that was a blesing.

On Christmas day our family does a lot of activities. We don’t just do it on christmas day we do all december long. One thing that we do is go Christmas shopping, we usually get presents for everyone. We get them one to two gifts for Christmas. On Christmas eve Our family eats christmas dinner and on christmas day we eat breakfast and we open our gifts. After we open our presents we take a look at our gifts  and enjoy them for a minute and we either spend time together as a family. Once we spend time together as a family we open our gifts to test them out or play with them. I love Christmas. We play Christmas music while eating our Christmas dinner. We got little jackets for our dogs. We put one on our dogs to keep warm.


5th grade | PES

Dear Santa,

This year, I have been very good. I want a lot of Christmas presents this year.

I have made chocolate chip cookies and left some milk for you. I have left reindeer food on the roof and the magic key outside of the door so you can get in my house. I made Grinch dust too, so the Grinch cannot rob my house and steal my presents.

Can my elf please stay another day or two after Christmas. I will miss her so much when she is gone. It has been so enjoyable to try to find where she is hiding each morning. When Misse leaves, the days will not be as enjoyable, so Santa PLEASE let Misse stay another day.

One more thing, please lock the door on your way back out. I have been very good all year. I cannot wait to see all of the presents I get.

Anna Kate

5th grade | PES

Dear Santa

One memory. One time when I was like 6 years old my Uncle Kieth told me to touch the elf. It was me and my parents sitting in the living room with my Uncle Kieth. I hesitated a lot but I ended up touching the elf. I was very upset and worried that night that I was not gonna get any presents. I told myself I was now for real on the naughty list. The elf did not move for a few days and I thought he was sick. He moved on the fourth night. I was so excited that morning when I woke up, and that made me think I was on the nice list again. At that age I only really cared about the presents in christmas. I still love my presents, but now I consider Christmas as Jesus’s birthday. Today I now know that Santa is not real but he still will stay as a great memory in my mind and heart.

Bennett Puryear

5th Grade  

Brooke Dixon's Blackshear Times

Christmas Story

Years ago my family started a tradition, a very fun one too. Hi, my name is Brooke Dixon, how would you like to know what that amazing tradition is. I don’t even know how many years ago we started doing this, I love it.

Every Christmas morning my brother, my sister, my mom, and I listen to my dad read the Christmas story, then we open our presents at our house frome Santa, and my parents.

Then, we get comfy clothes on and go over to my Gigi’s {which is my grandma} house, and we eat brunch. After a while, we open our presents from our aunts, and uncles, and our Gigi, and Nana { which is my great grandma}. We usually hang out , and play with our new toys for a little while after.

A little later on my siblings, and my parents, and I go to my Mimi and Papa’s for dinner. Another tradition we started last year is my Mimi {which is my other grandma} will hide 1 pickle ornament in the Christmas tree out of the 4 grandkids, and the first one to find it gets a cookie of their choice. After we eat dinner with my cousin, and my aunt and uncle, we open our presents. We will stay there for a little while after, then we go home a go to sleep.


Dear Saint Nick,

How has it been in the North Pole? I have always wanted to meet you. I have been good this year but i’m pretty sure I already have what I want but I know you give multiple presents. This year I want a skateboard or a scooter. I’m starting to get too big for my old scooter. I also want some L.O.L. dolls. I already have something I want though, A nice, loving, family who cares about me. I knew I already had what I wanted every Christmas. I always get to spend time with my family on christmas. I can’t wait for  Christmas!!!

Khloe Hewatt

Dear Santa,

I have been good this year and I would really love it if you got me these things. I would like a puppy, a four wheeler, a phone,a rifle, and for every body to have a wonderful christmas.

Eli Sullivan

Last year we did a lot of stuff !  One thing we did is we went to see the hortense lights ! I saw beautiful lights! I felt like I was in heaven! :)  My favorite part was when I got 3 cups of hot chocolate and a slushie ! We rode this very big train and it got stuck at first but it was okay ! :) Finally we played on this playground there for my 2 little sisters ! We went home after that sadly, I did not want to leave .

Audrey Boyett

Lizzybeth Bennett

Rudolph has decided to retire this Christmas.  Cresta Lite wants to do the job.  She nos the perfit speed.  Cresta Lite will do the speed Santa tells her.  She would follow directions.  Cresta Lite knows how to go fordwors, bakwors, left and rite.  She can go to the chagrin’s howsis’s.  The chagrin’s that have bin bad will ge a rock or col.  She knows how to wate on Santa on the howsis.  Pick Cresta Lite for the job.

Polly Hodges

The news said that Rudolph the red nose reindeer is retiring this year.  Plowfey is going to tac rudolphs place.  She will be nose to her frins.  Plowfey will help her frins gide Santa’s sly to nite and she can get the pres on time to the boys and grls.  If you be bad then you will not get pres.  If you are good then you will get pres and don’t ferget that your elf is at your home.  Plowfey wons to be the president of the reindeers.

Kade Crapps

I herd that Rudolph is retiring this year.  Thunder Crush whans the job.  He has a shinye nose to help Santu see at nite crush can run faster than lining.  He is strong so that he can pull the sale fast.  This will help Santa get back in time befor the kids wake up.  Crush is a smart ranedieer.  If Santa lost his list he wod know where to go at nite.  He knows the kids locations.  Crush has an india.  Why don’t you pick all of the reindeer in the class?