tax sale

If you haven’t paid your taxes on your property or mobile home, you might need to do it today.

The county is preparing to hold a pair of delinquent tax sales — both for property and mobile homes — Tuesday, November 5.

The sales are in keeping with efforts by Tax Commissioner Terresa Davis to collect back taxes.

“I am keeping my commitment to taxpayers to hold tax sales regularly,” says Davis. “Collection of past due taxes are part of my duties and it is what the citizens elected me to do.”

This is the second property tax sale this year. An initial delinquent sale took place in June.

A total of 39 parcels of local property representing some $59,832.17 in delinquent taxes will be sold here on the courthouse steps next month. The past-due amounts range from a low of $370.18 to a high of $8,709.29.

The past due taxes date as far back as 2015.

Public notices describing each property being planned for auction are published in today’s edition on Pages 6B-8B and will continue running throughout October.

Delinquent mobile home accounts will also be sold on the courthouse steps next month.

A total of 23 mobile homes representing some $27,639.53 in delinquent taxes will be sold. The past due amounts range from a low of $406.23 to a high of $1,395.95.

Davis notes there is no right to redeem for mobile homes.

“(Mobile homes) are personal property, so, if someone purchases it at a tax sale, it becomes their personal property,” she said.  “Pierce County assumes no responsibility for the transfer and delivery of mobile homes after purchase.”

The tax sale is the culmination of a three-month process for both the property parcels and mobile homes.

Once the tax commissioner’s office sends a delinquent/fi fa notice and the accompanying 30-day grace period expires, a fi fa is filed with the Clerk of Court. The tax commissioner then adds the fi fa cost to the tax bill.

In 2004, Pierce County contracted with Government Tax Solutions (GTS) of Carrollton to help collect the county’s back taxes. GTS has already sent warning letters, certified letters (to taxpayers and lienholders) and 10 day notices and  has followed up with legal research. The parcels are now being advertised for sale.  

GTS’s services come at no cost to county taxpayers at large. The company assesses its fee on the bill of the delinquent accounts. GTS collects a $51 service fee on the courtesy notice and receives $134 on the second notice to cover the title research. Public notice costs are added to the bill prior to advertising.