Patterson alcohol ordinance

Patterson City Council voted Thursday to ease restrictions in its alcohol ordinance.

Patterson Mayor Dedi Thomas asked the council to consider making changes to what he called “very restrictive” requirements in the ordinance.

Mayor Thomas said the city has been approached by individuals interested in opening a wine tasting bar in the city, but he said the current ordinance imposes huge obstacles to that possibility. Thomas did not provide any additional information about the prospective business.

In the first vote, Mayor Thomas recommended and the council approved removing a clause in the ordinance that requires those seeking an alcohol license to pay for an engineer or surveyor to measure out and provide a description of the space to be used in the sale of alcohol.

“That is just an extra requirement,” Thomas said. “The council already has to approve all licenses and permits. We would know in advance where it would be located.”

Councilwoman Joan Teglas-Duplessis asked if the requirement is mandated by state or federal law.

“No, it is not,” Thomas replied. “It is a Patterson requirement.”

The council unanimously approved removing the engineer/surveyor certification requirement.

In a second deletion, the council voted to remove a clause which only allowed alcohol sales/on premise consumption at establishments that derived at least 75 percent of their revenues from the sale of prepared meals or food. The clause also required such establishments to “be located in the proper zoning area”.

The vote was also unanimous.

Thomas again pointed out the current ordinance is too restrictive.

“The council would have its say on approving or rejecting the license and could control where and how much of it is sold,” he said.   

City attorney Adam Ferrell will draw up the changes to the ordinance and two readings will have to be held.

The first reading on the revised ordinance is expected at the council’s October meeting.