Full moon

Those loving the full moons and their beauty will enjoy this photo of the “Pink Moon” captured by Hacklebarney Community resident Donna Highsmith McClain. McClain took the photo  at about 8 p.m. April 26 and called it a Pink Moon. The next night she wanted to photograph the Flower Moon, but said it was too late for her to get good pictures. The last full moon for June occurred Thursday, June 24. Many driving on U.S. Highway 84, between Blackshear and Waycross, admire the McClain home with its green pastures for horses, a lovely home and pond and great viewing for the moon. McClain, director of special education for Ware County Schools, and her husband, business owner Truman McClain, share their beautiful home with their daughters, Emily Catherine McClain, Caroline Patricia McClain and Elizabeth Dowling McClain. (The family will be featured iin Nickie Carter’s book “Hacklebarney Memories’’ to be presented Aug. 21 at Hacklebarney Community Center.)