Local Farmer Jim Waters was featured on a Savannah television station last week as part of “Proud to be a Farmer” feature.

Waters is a fourth generation farmer in Pierce County. The piece, featured on WTOC, highlights how local farmers have to adapt to stay in business. WTOC’s bureau chief, Dal Cannady, came to Pierce County to interview Waters for the feature as he was getting ready for this year’s peanut crop.

In the lead in, Cannady said this time of year means one thing for farmers and another for everyone else.

“Everybody’s pulling a boat. We’re pulling a trailer, with seed, chemicals, or fertilizer,” says Waters.

Waters’ farm goes back close to 100 years. He remembers when his family shifted from tobacco to a rotation heavy on peanuts.

“It’s lot more stable crop to grow, a lot less market volatility. Stuff like that makes the bank feel better about doing business with you,” he said.

He says technology has changed the way they farm, from seed varieties to even the number of times they run a tractor through each acre.

He credits Georgia Peanut Commission with research that helps farmers work more efficiently despite all the challenges, including supply chain issues so far this year.

“I don’t really know what the true reward is. I do think there’s a lot of faith involved,” says Waters.

He combines that faith with the independence of working the land.

Dal Cannady of WTOC-TV in Savannah contributed to this report.