Hogs run amuck

Tina Kicklighter surveys the damage in her front yard on Heritage Circle from the safety of the walkway – some of the trenches hogs dug there last week are deep enough to twist an ankle in.

Giant hogs are tearing up my yard!

That was the call Blackshear PD was dispatched to last Wednesday morning shortly after 8.

According to the incident report, several of Travis Courson’s hogs escaped his property on College Ave. and stomped into town for a rooting good time near Lakeview Golf Course.

The hogs reportedly got free after Courson planted corn in  the field next to the hog pen.

The hairy beasts dug trenches through at least two yards on Heritage Circle and uprooted another home owner’s “damn daylilies” during their frolic, Police Chief Chris Wright reported.

“Oh my gosh, did they ever! They made a mess in my back yard and down by the lake,” said Marilyn Waters. “It’s terrible. You wouldn’t believe how bad it is. Some of those holes are deep.”

She grows daylilies and is an avid gardener. Thankfully, the hogs didn’t damage any of her expensive flowers, Waters says.

“I grow daylilies. I have some expensive daylilies, but I could only see in one place where they had gone in. They didn’t get any of my daylily beds, thank goodness,” she says.

Waters first noticed the holes in her back yard when she stepped out to feed the cat Wednesday morning. Before she could investigate, her neighbor called and told her hogs had done the damage. When she walked outside, Waters watched five hogs tearing up Tina Kicklighter’s front yard.

 “Wow!! Hogs can apparently do a lot of devastation in a very short period of time,” Kicklighter says. “As someone who thinks too much, I can imagine all sorts of scenarios involving my new home (including an alligator landing in my pool). Never in a gazillion years would I expect hogs to trample my front yard. It just wasn’t in my realm of possibilities. I didn’t even know there were hogs that close to the golf club.”

Courson is reportedly working with homeowners to get the damage repaired.