heat lamp warning

Avoid using heat lamps when possible.

That’s the advisory from Pierce County Volunteer Fire Department this week after firefighters responded Friday morning to the fourth fire sparked by a heat lamp this year.

Fortunately, the early morning fire on Boyette Road resulted in minimal damage and no injuries after a heat lamp set up to keep puppies on the porch warm fell over and caught a nearby wall on fire.

That was not the case, however, for a family on W. Horseshoe Road whose home was a total loss following a heat lamp fire several weeks ago.

The fire department is asking folks to avoid using heat lamps when possible, but offers the following tips for their use:

• Buy a good quality lamp, preferably one without clamps and with a cage enclosure around the bulb

• Make sure the lamp is rated well for the bulb you intend to use

• Set the lamp away from combustible materials

• Place the lamp near a working smoke detector